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Another popular class is Gueti's

Friday 10.30 Zumba dance class. It's a lot of fun, not too complicated and very uplifting. Margarete 'Gueti' Ribas is a Brazilian profession dancer and fitness instructor. Her class has a friendly group of regulars. If your Friday schedule permits, have a relaxing coffee and read the paper in the cafe, then do Lisa's 12.15 Pilates class. She is a very experienced teacher, who also trains other Pilates professionals. She makes Friday's class relaxing and challenging at the same time. Virgin Active Barbican, 97

Aldersgate Street, EC1A 5JP tel: 0845 270 4078 http://www.

Beth Martin

with alcoholism, depression, back conditions, high blood pressure, heart and lung problems - to mention just a few disorders. Ever since Beth completed her

B Beth Martin

GP Referral exercise qualification two years ago, Marylebone High Street Osteopath Jonathan Daniells, has chosen to collaborate with her. She also has many private and corporate clients across London, including the Barbican. After school Beth studied Classics

Anne-Marie Zulkahari exercising in her workspace

and French at Exeter University – she’s a fluent French speaker. She was always sporty, getting as far as England's ladies rugby trials. She is an accomplished kayaker and has three times completed the gruelling

eth’s personal training clients range from high level athletes to people suffering

200km Devises to Westminster canoe marathon. Beth trains people in their homes,

offices and local parks. She gets around by bike, clocking up to 30 miles a day. She is a lovely person with extensive experience and has been recommended by Barbican resident Philippa Collins. People exercise for many different reasons - to be at the top of their sport or sometimes to deal with deeper problems. Whatever your motivation, if you feel that Beth can help you, contact her on or 07742 259 444


Maxine Rhodes – recommended Massage Therapist

n addition to her usual Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday sessions at Clerkenwellbeing

and Golden Lane Fusion Fitness, Maxine also now offers two Sundays a month at Clerkenwellbeing. To book or find out more contact

Maxine on 07968 842 840 or email

C Clerkenwellbeing

ontrasting wood textures from the floor and Pilates equipment in Anne-Marie

Zulkahari's fully equipped studio make the space feel quite rustic. Top floor windows show plenty of sky. It's a peaceful escape from Goswell Road below. Mountains of evidence show that Pilates, when taught correctly, helps in the rehabilitation of so many conditions and injuries, in addition to improving posture and mobility. Demand for good Pilates instruction is now so widespread that in-depth training and experience have become more sought after. Anne-Marie has taught Pilates

(and yoga) to clients and instructors for many years now and her staff at the studio have all done a fully comprehensive two year training course with her, which is accredited by the Pilates Foundation. As her


children have reached late teens, she has expanded into this new studio in Goswell Road's Clerkenwellbeing - just seven minutes walk from the north west side of the Barbican. You can book individual sessions with Anne-Marie and her team of accomplished teachers, or join a small group with staggered start times, so that you just do the supervised exercises that you need. Anne-Marie works with all ages, abilities, pregnancy and many injuries/ailments,


youngsters with special needs. In January she will be starting a weekly class for teens to help maintain good posture, keep them moving and reduce stress from too much time at homework and the computer. Clerkenwellbeing is a multi-

disciplinary, holistic, alternative therapy centre also offering professional development training. It's a fantastic resource so close to the Barbican. Services offered include: Acupuncture, Alexander Technique, Chinese Herbal medicine, Chiropody & Podiatry, Chiropractic, Emotional Realignment Therapy, Homeopathy, Hypno- birthing, Massage, Meditation, Nutrition Therapy, Pilates, Pilates Teacher Training, Psychotherapy & Neuro Linguistic Programming, Reiki, Somatic Movement, Sports Therapy, Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga. Founder, Charlotte Morgan, set

up Clerkenwellbeing with her two business partners, Francesca Minischetti and Shaheeda Chowdhury, following their success with Islington Chiropractic. Clerkenwellbeing, 178 Goswell Road, London EC1V 7DT. Tel: 0207 490 4042. www.clerkenwellbeing.

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