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and meat are fetched at Billingsgate and Smithfield. Wines are local to Venice. Many are organic from smaller suppliers. Riccardo looks forward to hosting tasting evenings in the near future.

For more information pop in - 3-5 Goswell Road, EC1M 7AH or tel 0207 490 1715

The Recipe Kit’s head chef, Alia Hercules,

demonstrating cookery techniques to guests at the press launch occasion.

Additionally Coq d’Argent, reviewed above, hosted a launch event for its ‘Ski Lodge’ to enhance the use of its great terrace areas into the winter season. As foreshadowed in the last issue,

Foxlow and Benito’s Hat opened up in St. John Street during November, while Angela Hartnett – one of the ghostly celebrity chefs in the StreetSmart video mentioned above – has opened the on the site of the old Cantaloupe in Charlotte Road in Shoreditch.


Venezia – relaunch as Venetian style Bacaro

lose at hand, the recently refurbished

Italian restaurant Venezia, almost

opposite the former Barbican YMCA building ,on Goswell Road has relaunched as a Venetian-style Bacaro restaurant. Bàcaro is derived from the Latin word 'Bacchus' which is the God of wine and intoxication and is the Venetian word to describe a humble unpretentious tavern or trattoria serving simple food and good, young local wines. The menu is inspired by original

Venetian and regional Italian recipes. There is no compromise in the dishes, and the unusual ingredients on the menu are not often seen outside their traditional region in Italy. Riccardo Staldi, owner of eight

months, has redecorated the interior and transformed the menu to create a traditional Italian restaurant serving good quality fresh food enjoyed by vegetarians, fish and meat eaters. Seasonal veggies arrive twice a week from Italy, while fish

42 I c..and if you want to ook your own

f you’d like to cook your own restaurant-style meal, The Recipe Kit is a new service that

allows customers to conveniently master professional techniques, discover rare ingredients and explore new cuisines. All the dishes are created by chef Olia Hercules, who originally trained at Leiths and perfected her skills in the kitchens of Islington’s famed Ottolenghi restaurant and deli. The Recipe Kit delivers globally- inspired recipes along with the exact quantity of all the ingredients so that food lovers can create restaurant quality cuisine from the comfort of their own kitchen. It allows customers to conveniently master professional techniques, discover rare ingredients and explore new cuisines. Each order contains easy to follow, step by step recipe cards along with all the gastronomic components required to produce a series of indulgent evening meals for the week. From culinary classics to casual

small plate recipes, each week The Recipe Kit customers take their pick of nine meals, four of which are always vegetarian. More than a single dish, each one comprises of a main, side and always a new sauce for gourmands to add to their repertoire.

The kits features ingredients that

would be impossible to find in the average supermarket, including edible flowers and Pied Bleu mushrooms. New chef skills are acquired with the preparation of every meal, from mastering the chiffonade technique to learning how to julienne tomatoes, and there are even suggestions for which drink to pair with each dish and the best music to accompany mealtimes. The Recipe Kit had a press launch

party at The Central Street cookery school in St. Luke’s Centre where members of the press helped prepare a superb meal –including dips, salads and a main course – with Olia demonstrating techniques. A fun and tasty evening for the editor! The company will also offer four Christmas dinner kits for gourmet festive feasting. Created for food lovers looking for a delicious alternative to the traditional turkey meal, each chef-designed set will allow customers to whip up unique restaurant-quality dishes for friends and family. Delivered direct to the door in

time for Christmas, each kit contains step by step recipe cards along with the finest ingredients in their exact quantities needed to easily prepare a memorable feast. Chef Olia is also running two

Christmas cookery masterclasses at the Central Cookery School, 90 Central Street so only a short walk away on Dec 8th and 15th. They will feature roast goose rather than turkey and some unusual accompaniments.

For more information check out The Recipe Kit’s website –

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