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Accelrys Insight

Accelrys Insight and Accelrys Insight for Excel have been released, completing the roll-out of the company’s cheminformatics suite and providing an interactive, collaborative environment for rapid and effective decision-making in drug discovery. Accelrys Insight and Accelrys Insight for Excel offer research scientists a new way of accessing, visualising and analysing data that is locked in disparate locations across internal discovery teams and networked external partners, helping to lower long-standing barriers to bringing innovative therapeutics to market faster and more cost-effectively. With Accelrys Insight,

researchers can conduct an end-to-end scientific decision support workflow in a simple and intuitive way across a collaborative scientific project team. Research scientists can access partners’ critical information in real time, both internally and externally, whether that data is web-based, stored in Accelrys software or that of another vendor. Insight also allows scientists to ask questions that cannot be answered by a single data source, minimising data silos and ensuring that results produced by one group are immediately available to scientists in another department.

Automated and interactive visual analytics also allows researchers to unravel key actionable insights from data, enhancing the decision- making process. Computational experts can publish best-practice analytic processes into Insight for automated execution, providing expertise without creating a bottleneck. Scientists using Microsoft Excel spreadsheet software can also increase their productivity.

Pathway Studio Web Plant Elsevier has released Pathway Studio Web Plant, a web-based research solution that helps plant scientists explore breeding through trait analysis, and enables them to make more informed decisions at critical stages of crop production and protection research. Pathway Studio Web Plant has a unique knowledge base of molecular relationships and curated pathways from three model plant organisms: arabidopsis, maize, and rice. It also provides powerful analytical and visualisation tools, that help plant biologists contextualise complex biology involved in conditions that affect crop yield, such as drought sensitivity and disease resistance. Currently the Pathway Studio Plant knowledge base contains information on more than 130,000

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molecular interactions, extracted from 60,000 full text plant-specific articles. Maintained by Elsevier and updated weekly as part of the subscription agreement, the

Pathway Studio knowledgebase and pathway collections summarise the state of current research on arabidopsis, maize, and rice.

Dotmatics integrates Cortellis and Vortex

Dotmatics has integrated data analysis and visualisation solution Vortex with Thomson Reuters’ Cortellis, a premier life sciences information delivery platform. Scientists can now use Vortex to directly retrieve data from Cortellis and combine it with their own, in- house records to gain new insights into their research. The combination

of the powerful analytic tools of Vortex, high-quality drug, patent and market information from Thomson Reuters’ Cortellis with home-grown data guarantees that scientists can promptly find critical intelligence to make effective, evidence-based decisions. Vortex is a data analysis and visualisation platform that has

chemical structure intelligence, while Cortellis provides an integrated view into Thomson Reuters’ pharmaceutical data content. The accessible and graphical interface within Vortex makes for easy data analysis across all data types while providing users with a unique and novel way to view their data.

CLC Blast2GO PRO plugin

CLC bio and BioBam Bioinformatics have introduced an integrated workflow for researchers working with non-model organisms without reference sequences. By combining the Blast2GO PRO plugin and CLC Genomics Workbench, this workflow allows users to combine and integrate NGS bioinformatics data analyses on one platform, covering the entire data analysis workflow from NGS data quality control and assembly to genome-wide functional


annotations and interpretations of genomes and transcriptomes. ‘Our department focuses on species that are relevant in an ecological and evolutionary context, but they are not always classical model organisms of molecular biology. For us, CLC Genomics Workbench and Blast2GO PRO are crucial tools for the analysis of de novo transcriptome data,’ said Dr Ewald Große-Wilde from the Department of Evolutionary

Neuroethology at the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology. ‘The CLC Blast2GO PRO plugin allows easier integration of these two tools, reducing the ab initio time from sequence acquisition to annotation results. Furthermore, this plugin has become indispensable in ongoing gene expression profiling studies of non-model species, because it enables us to identify potentially relevant target genes with ease.’

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