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RSC Group (#404), a Russian HPC solutions builder, will demonstrate its energy-efficient and scalable RSC Tornado architecture-based HPC and data centre solutions. In addition to featuring direct liquid cooling on widely available commodity server boards (for example, Intel S2600JF) and top Intel Xeon E5-2697 v2 processors, Intel SSD and high-speed InfiniBand FDR interconnect, a current industry-record 211 Tflops per rack performance is delivered with Intel Xeon Phi 7120X coprocessors, PUE 1.06 and more than 100 kW/rack power density. RSC offers HPC solutions from mini DC to exascale-

cluster nodes, powerful real-time analysis of completion and exit status as well as command output grouping. In addition, a completely revised Lustre/ZFS stack includes the newest high-availability components capable of supporting the most demanding HPC or big data requirements. Qlustar is designed to scale

from small departmental clusters to multi-thousand node supercomputers. Its core is a lightweight, modular compute/ storage-node OS, and as a whole, it is a complete Linux distribution based on Debian/Ubuntu.

Demonstrations of Networking Infrastructure as a Service (NIaaS) and presentations on tools for managing large distributed data sets will be the focus of the RENCI/North Carolina booth (#4305) at SC13. A demonstration of the experimental ExoGENI infrastructure, which allocates network bandwidth and cloud- based computing and storage resources on demand in order to run scientific workflows, will be featured in the booth and as part of the SCinet Network Research Exhibition. Information about the integrated

Rule-Oriented Data System (iRODS), including tutorials

memory. By retaining more of the frequently used data in memory, the overall analytics capability and speed to results is increased. Te vSMP Foundation product

ready petaflop supercomputers with hundreds of kilowatts per rack, providing 60 per cent power savings and 92 per cent computing efficiency ratio by Linpack. RSC will also launch what it says is a revolutionary ultra-high density liquid-cooled HPC product that will deliver a new breakthrough with increased performance per rack.

and updates on the new iRODS Consortium, will also be presented.

Scalable Informatics (#1919), a provider of computing, storage, and networking appliances, will be demonstrating the si-DWA, a high performance scalable parallel SQL plug-and-play appliance for massive databases. Running the Xtreme dbX ANSI

SQL database, the si-DWA offers the highest performance per watt and per square foot in the industry, according to the company. It is designed for high performance, ease of use, and quick deployment, delivering rapid query response times for today’s ever-growing online big data warehouse environment. Te si-DWA bypasses the learning curve by supporting standard SQL, and is data schema/ model agnostic. Te system comes fully installed with all soſtware and is ready for analysing user data.

ScaleMP (#3732) delivers a platform designed for environments that process complex or unstructured data, or data that requires the use of multiple algorithms. vSMP Foundation is a soſtware-based SMP that holds data and enables different processes to operate on the same data while in


suite aggregates multiple, industry- standard, off-the-shelf x86 servers into one single virtual high-end system. Hundreds of customers use the vSMP Foundation suite of products as an alternative to traditional, proprietary, and expensive symmetrical multiprocessing (SMP) systems, benefiting from the cost structure of x86 clusters.

Silicon Mechanics (#3126) will highlight its commitment to state- of-the-art computing in higher education and research during this 25th anniversary of SC13. One way the company gives back to the education and research community is by providing a complete high- performance computer cluster as part of a highly competitive research grant programme. Tis year’s cluster, valued at more than $118,000, includes hardware and soſtware from Intel, sTec, Mellanox, Nvidia, Kingston, Seagate, Supermicro, Bright Computing, and LSI Logic. For the third year in a row, Silicon

Mechanics is sponsoring students from the Massachusetts Green HPC Consortium (MGHPCC) team in SC13’s Student Cluster Competition. MGHPCC includes Boston University, Harvard University, MIT, University of Massachusetts, Tuſts University, and Northeastern University. Silicon Mechanics identifies hardware partners, assembles and tests the cluster, and then ships it for use in the competition.

Spectra Logic (#832) will be showcasing its T-Finity and T950 Tape Libraries as well as its nTier Verde ArchiveGrade Disk Product and Black Pearl Deep Storage Appliance. Spectra designs and delivers

innovative data protection through tape and disk-based backup, recovery and archive storage solutions. By igniting innovation it

challenges expectations of the data protection market with intelligent, integrated, and simple to use backup and archive technologies. With more than 30 years of experience in storage, Spectra’s goal is to develop high-density, feature-rich storage products with service and support to customers worldwide. To guarantee superior quality for clients, all T-Series libraries are manufactured onsite at headquarters based in Boulder, Colorado, USA.

Supermicro (#3132) takes its 2U Twin architecture to the next level of performance and expandability with the high efficiency 2-node TwinPro and high density 4-node TwinPro². TwinPro architecture provides the highest performance per-watt, per-dollar with energy efficient cooling-optimised designs, fans, heat sinks, redundant Platinum Level high efficiency power supplies, and sophisticated power management soſtware. Each node supports dual Intel Xeon E5-2600 v2 ‘Ivy Bridge’ processors, 16x DDR3 Reg. ECC DIMMs, a rear add-on-card expansion slot and 1x PCI-E 3.0 x16 and x8 LP slot (TwinPro) or 1x PCI-E 3.0 x16 slot (TwinPro²). Each node features on-board dual 10GbE and QDR/FDR InfiniBand alongside a dedicated IPMI remote management port. TwinPro nodes support 8x SAS3 12Gb/s and 4x SATA hot-swap HDDs. TwinPro² nodes support 6x 2.5-inch SAS3 hot-swap HDDs. For ultimate performance, the 2-node TwinPro accommodates a double-width GPU and two add-on cards per node.

SysFera (#2417) develops soſtware that makes HPC simple to use. Te team will announce the latest release of SysFera-DS, the solution for HPC infrastructure management and remote application usage. Tis version boasts an improved remote- visualisation module, extended support for cloud computing, as well as statistics and reporting tools that allow billing to customers and business units. SysFera is proud to announce

that CINES (the French Computing @scwmagazine l

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