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SC13 preview Destination Denver

Celebrating its 25th year, SC is expected to attract more than 350 exhibitors spread over nearly 140,000 square feet of exhibit space

Adaptive Computing (booth #3113) will be showing its Moab optimisation and scheduling soſtware suites. Moab enables large enterprises in oil and gas, financial services, manufacturing, research, and government to perform computationally intensive simulations and analyse big data faster, more accurately, and more cost effectively. Moab gives organisations a

competitive advantage, inspiring them to develop cancer-curing treatments, discover the origins of the universe, lower energy prices, manufacture better products, improve the economic landscape and pursue game- changing endeavours. With a converged HPC, data centre, and cloud environment, data analysts can speed the time to discovery. Adaptive Computing holds more than 32 patents and has pioneered many aspects of private/hybrid cloud, technical computing and large-scale scheduling.

Allinea Software (#1719) will show attendees how HPC centres and users are reducing development times and increasing application performance with Allinea Soſtware’s easy to use unified debugging and profiling tools. Visitors can also learn how Allinea DDT and Allinea MAP can help them to get more from Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors and Nvidia Cuda 5.5 accelerators, and enter a profiling competition, which the company says will bring an exciting twist to application performance. Allinea Soſtware is participating

in the official programme at: ‘Debugging MPI and Hybrid/ Heterogeneous Applications at l

Scale’, SC13 tutorial session on Sunday 17 November in room 404; ‘Performance Profiling and Debugging at the Extreme Scale and Beyond’, Monday 18 November in room 501 at 4.10pm; and ‘Pick Your Battles: Getting Results Faster with Intel Xeon Phi and Nvidia Cuda’, Tursday 21 November in room 501/502 at 3.30pm.

Altair’s (#2513) technical cloud solutions address the needs of enterprises by

simplifying access to HPC infrastructures, allowing engineers and scientists to focus on their work. At SC13, the company will be demonstrating PBS Professional, which optimises the world’s largest supercomputers. It is the workload management of choice for many Top500 supercomputing sites. Altair’s web solutions will also be

on display: PBS Analytics is a portal that provides administrators with advanced job analyses to support data-driven planning; Compute Manager is a job submission portal that’s application aware, so end users only concern themselves with applications they wish to run; and Display Manager is a remote visualisation tool to view datasets for rapid collaboration. Altair’s public cloud solution,

HyperWorks On-Demand, brings SaaS, PaaS and IaaS to users within a single and intuitive web-based portal, and HyperWorks Unlimited, the company’s managed, private cloud solution with fully configured hardware and soſtware, offers users unlimited use of all Altair soſtware within the appliance.


Asetek (#4329) is featuring RackCDU D2C and RackCDU ISAC hot water liquid cooling for HPC and data

centres. On display will be liquid-cooled servers from Cray, including the CS300-L and servers retrofitted with liquid cooling from Cisco, Intel, Supermicro and others. Asetek’s booth will include a running 92 node cluster cooled by RackCDU D2C with monitoring soſtware providing real-time reporting, alerting and the ability to integrate into DCIM soſtware. Asetek’s RackCDU D2C

(Direct-to-Chip) provides cooling cost reductions up to 80 per cent and density increases of 2.5x-5x. RackCDU ISAC (In-Server Air Conditioning) provides cooling cost reductions exceeding 80 per cent and enables operation without concern for air quality. Asetek, the company says,

Visitors to the Bright Computing booth (#1725) at SC13 will have the opportunity to experience the present and future Bright Cluster Manager. Bright has an established reputation as the management solution of choice within leading public and private-sector organisations. Tese organisations depend on Bright to provision, monitor and manage their on-premise compute clusters, as well as to extend these clusters into the cloud. Te next major release of Bright allows a bare-metal cluster to execute Hadoop workloads within an hour. From monitors, metrics and health checks, to

invented sealed loop, low-cost, liquid cooling systems for computers. With more than 1.5 million liquid coolers sold, Asetek offers performance, reliability and production at scale. OEM customers include Cray, Dell, HP, AMD and Intel.

Bull (#2313) will show its range of extreme computing solutions. From energy efficient data centre design to expert advice on optimisation for many-core environments, including Bull’s Direct Liquid Cooled HPC servers, as well as power consumption optimisation features in the soſtware environment, Bull’s offer is totally focused on extreme energy efficiency. Te bullx DLC B700 range

features a direct liquid-cooling technology that makes it possible to use warm water instead of chilled water, thus boosting energy performance by around 40 per cent

big data workloads, Bright is the single management solution that works with most Hadoop distributions. Alongside HPC clusters, Hadoop clusters can be extended into the cloud through Bright. Taken together, Bright eases the management of all types of clusters and clouds. www.brightcomputing. com/index.php


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