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brochure downloads This month’s free Simply click on the brochure cover or link to download a PDF of the full publication Piovan: Moving materials EN Customers. The core of our innovation

Find out more about Piovan’s options for materials conveying in this brochure, which explores the key considerations to be made in selection of a centralised system. The 12-page document discusses silos, distribution units, pipework and loaders.

Feeding&Conveying Drying


Temperature Control Refrigeration Granulation

 Click here to download  Click here to download Arburg: Multishot systems

Arburg has a long track record in multi-component moulding. This 16-page brochure explains eight different multi-shot processing techniques and how they can be used in practical applications.

Struktol: Polymer additives

Schill & Seilacher family of companies, with representation in ganization with over a century of specialty chemical expertise, rocessing products under the brand name STRUKTOL®

– a name

nd performance. Struktol manufactures chemicals for the plastics ns, silicone emulsions, products used in latex processing, and retardants.

dditives business is by no means typical or ordinary. Chemistry lligent Additive Solutions, Struktol products are designed to customers. Our technical specialists, R&D chemists and novative solutions for the ever-changing polymer industry – n with increased productivity, better quality parts and lower ormance, Struktol Customer Service initiatives have become

Over 10-pages this publication lists the full range of Struktol additives for thermoplastics processing applications, providing matrix selection guides for the most common polymers with recommended addition levels.

Elasto: Dryfl ex AM

The Dryfl ex AM range of TPEs from Elasto has been formulated to meet the demanding requirements for automotive fl oor mat and trunk liner production. This four-page brochure details the entire product family.


Intelligent Additive Solutions for Today’s Thermoplastic Industry

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Mold-Masters: IRIS coinjection

The IRIS system from Mold-Masters combines fi ve of the company’s standard mould technologies to enable coinjection barrier moulding processes to run on a standard moulding machine. This brochure explains how.

Perrite: Polymer technology 

   Perrite UK Jackdaw France PerriteMalaysia

Perrite are an independent thermoplastic compounding business based inWarrington UK, Johor Bahru,Malaysia and Lyon France. Working together as the Perrite Group all sites specialise in the supply of compounded products to the injection moulding and extrusion industries. Perrite has been in business since 1975 operating from itsWarrington facility, the Malaysian plant was opened in 2003 and Perrite have a longstanding presence in France through Jackdaw polymers. Product development is carried out on all locations with local technical service, support and sample production. Additional colour matching and product and application development is also provided through theWarrington Technical centre. Perrite manufacture and distribute an impressive line up of standard and custom compounded polymers including Percom polypropylene, Perlex polycarbonate, Styralin polystyrene and Pertal POM. The product portfolio also includes the high performance Ronfalin ABS brand and prime quality polyamide Vitamide range. Perrite’s expertise includes product tailoring to modify performance, appearance enhancement and colouring. They assist in all stages of product development, from design, polymer selection, testing and approval through to optimising tool design and processing parameters. Perrite’s products are manufactured to provide a range of properties and performance, such as heat resistance, high impact, antimicrobial, reinforcement, flame retardancy, high gloss, chemical resistance or a variety of appearance effects.

Auto Approval

Electrical GlowWire




Impact Resistant

High Flow

High Temperature

Find out more about Perrite’s thermoplastics compounding activities in this two-page brochure, which details the full range of materials the company can offer together with key performance attributes laid out in a simple to use matrix chart.

UL 94 Flame Retardant

Injection Moulding


Special Effect Colours


Scratch Resistant

Transparent UV Resistant 1 Kingsland Grange,Woolston,Warrington, Cheshire, United KingdomWA1 4RA  Click here to download

Tel: +44 (0)1925 810608 Fax: +44 (0)1925 840001/2 email: Perrite is a Division of Vita Thermoplastic Compounds Ltd.

FM 02172  Click here to download

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