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Dr Berit Stange, an expert in medical technology applications at Bayer MaterialScience. Makrolon Rx is well-suited for this purpose. Its

transparency means patients can immediately check the fill level of the drug while its high impact strength means it can withstand the knocks of everyday life. The material can also be sterilised using high-energy radiation and is resistant to a broad spectrum of pharmaceuticals. US-based Insulet Corporation is also focused on

Above: Braunform developed and produces this two-component Tamper Evident Luer lock closure for Gerresheimer Bünde in Class 5 cleanroom conditions

on its stand at the fair, producing a three-part blood transfusion drip chamber complete with integrated filter in a fully automated multi-component moulding process. The drip chambers will be produced on a special

clean room version of the company’s e-Victory machine equipped with three injection units. The first step in the production process is to mould the two chamber components in ABS and TPE. The filter is then auto- matically introduced between the two parts, which are joined together by overmoulding with PP. The one-step production method replaces a three-step process of moulding, assembly and bonding. Germany’s Hack Formenbau manufactured the index

plate mould for the project. According to Engel, a key factor in the effective implementation of the process is the use of servo electric drive on the index plate, allowing full independence of movements. The manu- facturing cell also includes an Engel Easix multi-axis robot, which carries out 100% sealing test on each drip chamber directly after moulding.

Delivering healthcare Not every medical condition can be treated by taking a pill but treatments involving continuous dosage of drugs today often call for hospitalisation of otherwise healthy patients. Portable dosing devices present a potential solution to this problem and Bayer MaterialScience will be showing an example of such a device on its stand at the K fair. The mechanically operated dosage pump, which is

not yet approved by medical regulators, is designed to fit into a breast pocket and features a housing injection moulded in the company’s Makrolon Rx grade of polycarbonate. “To realize the pump’s compact design, a high-tech material was required that satisfied stringent demands and is approved for this use,” says

14 INJECTION WORLD | September 2013

delivering medical treatments to people on the move, in its case in the area of insulin care. The company has recently upgraded its OmniPod wearable insulin management system to make it even more portable – the device is now 34% smaller and 25% lighter than the original model. The OmniPod system comprises the wearable pod, which holds and delivers the insulin, and a Personal Diabetes Manager unit, which communicates wirelessly with the OminiPod and controls insulin delivery. The OmniPod attaches directly to the user’s body and carries 2000 units of rapid acting insulin, sufficient for up to three days of treatment. Like the original model, the new version of the Omni-

Pod uses a COC polymer from Topas Advanced Polymers for its injection moulded dosing plunger. The two component elliptical-shaped plunger, which comprises a stainless steel lead-screw and fill rod and measures 9.5mm by 15.9mm, is critical to the operation of the pump as just 0.004mm of travel is required to deliver one unit of insulin. According to Insulet, COC is used for its dimensional

stability, purity, low extractables, and its minimally reactive surface. The resin also provides sufficient compression to maintain seal integrity. Diabetes is not only an issue for humans. UK-based

medical moulding specialist Owen Mumford has extended its range of insulin delivery systems with the VetPen, claimed to be the world’s first insulin pen system developed for treatment of diabetic cats and dogs. Developed in conjunction with MSD Animal Health, the VetPen device is similar to the pens the device maker supplies for human treatment. It uses pre-loaded insulin cartridges to allow a dial-up dose to be administered by either a vet or pet owner. Powder inhalers offer a convenient and effective

non-invasive means of delivery for a wide range of conditions. Germany-based RPC Formatec has added a new device for delivery of blister packed powders to its standard line-up. The injection moulded Twist’n’hale is claimed to

provide simple operation and is suitable for a wide range of different flow rates. The device features a

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