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fight against piracy, as we must continue to strive to return to a normality which does not require arms on board ships. All these actions by Government are

welcome, but I believe it is now time to speed up the change this Government was elected to deliver. Along with the rest of the business

community, we welcome the Government’s commitment to deregulation. But when important regulation, such as the Maritime Labour Convention, is being delayed by the deregulation process itself, we have to question whether the Red Tape Challenge is creating bureaucracy of its own. In addition, there is no issue worrying the passenger ferry sector more than new regulations on sulphur emissions from ships. The unexplored, broader impact of reducing sulphur in this way could see 12 million tonnes of carbon dioxide pumped into the atmosphere, and could raise fuel costs by as much as 87 per cent – this is not a viable solution to an environmental problem. More than 200 routes will be affected by these regulations and – unless the Government acts – routes will close, jobs will be lost, and the vital contribution shipping makes to the economy will be put

at risk. We do not expect Government to act alone. The shipping industry is at the heart of world trade and is a key contributor to jobs and GDP in the UK – we are both a colleague and partner to Government. We share its ambition to develop a thriving economy in a changing world and we have proved that we can help the country trade its way to prosperity.

Maritime activity should not be seen solely

as a transport issue. On a daily basis, the UK Chamber works with the Treasury, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Ministry of Defence, Department of Energy and Climate Change, often the Home Office and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, alongside others. The time has come for a ministerial-level,

cross-departmental maritime strategy for Government – led by the Department for Transport, with the active support of the UK Chamber and the Maritime UK coalition. It should be an ambitious strategy designed to foster further growth, create new jobs and ensure the UK remains the one-stop capital for global maritime business.


The UK Chamber of Shipping is the trade association and voice for the UK shipping industry, representing ships of more than 28m gross tons from 140 members from across the maritime sector.



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