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every policy area affecting us – be it the fight against sulphur regulations, the need to reduce carbon emissions, how to fend off the threat of piracy, or the provision of a level playing field to ensure healthy competition. This ethos of leadership and collaboration

is also reflected in the UK Chamber’s activity closer to home. Sea Vision UK continues to go from strength to strength, supporting the maritime sector’s development of education and careers activities and raising awareness of the range of careers available to young people through its innovative website and proactive engagement with schools and colleges across the country.

Maritime UK, of which the UK Chamber

is a founding member (alongside the Baltic Exchange, Maritime London, the UK’s ports associations and others), has developed into a vocal political lobby for all maritime services – uniting shipping, ports and maritime business services to speak with a single voice to Government. Its intention is to ensure Government

and Parliamentarians recognise the importance of the maritime services sectors, and to change the old perception of a ‘quiet’ industry. In the past year, Maritime UK has

leveraged influence in every relevant Government department, and with politicians from every major political party, by campaigning in a modern and dynamic way.

Maritime UK has reaped the benefits of using the internet to ensure the industry responds quickly to political issues of the day, and contributes substantially to public debates in real time. Publishing online guest articles from senior MPs, providing detailed policy briefs and producing regular e-newsletters, Maritime UK is in constant contact with political and media stakeholders. Furthermore, Maritime UK has published a series of pamphlets to help legislators and political stakeholders better understand the issues the sectors face. In particular, given the current public attitude towards the tax arrangements of major industries, this

Maritime UK, of which the

UKChamber is a founding member, has developed into a vocal political lobby for the industry

innovation has ensured politicians are aware of the tonnage tax regime, the benefits it has brought to the economy and the importance of its continuation. The increase in brand recognition has, in turn, allowed Maritime UK to retain its growing influence in policy terms. Since 2009, it has steadily built contacts within Parliament and Government, and shown that strong relationships can provide long- term solutions. Nowhere has this been seen more than in its campaign against damaging new sulphur regulations that will come into force in 2015. Maritime UK mobilised dozens of MPs throughout the year to lobby Government on behalf of their constituents, raising concerns over potential job losses and economic damage. This approach, in conjunction with direct contact with ministers, is seeing a significant softening in Government’s approach to the issues and a new willingness to provide solutions. Following a strategic approach from Maritime UK, ministerial support has now been secured to develop an interdepartmental maritime strategy for Government. The strategy will seek an holistic approach to maritime policy through unprecedented coordination between numerous departments, with Maritime UK as its key industry liaison. This would provide a new platform for the industry to target its messages, deliver substantial policy and commercial results that will be felt throughout the entire maritime sector, and will actively contribute to the UK’s growth agenda.


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