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hroughout my year of presidency, I have seen real change at the UK Chamber of Shipping. The review of the organisation is now complete,

and through our new brand, new office and new structure, the ‘new’ UK Chamber is forward-looking and focused on working with members on their biggest challenges. My thanks go to Chief Executive Angus

Frew, Director-General Mark Brownrigg and their highly professional team for the completion of the UK Chamber’s review. I also give thanks to my Vice President Kenneth MacLeod, for his support and energy throughout this year. The challenges for shipping are well

known, as no industry or business can escape the fierce realities of the economic climate. As a truly global industry, it stands to reason that in a prolonged and global economic downturn we would face unprecedented difficulty. But we can rest assured that shipping is

delivering for the economy, despite difficult times. The latest figures show that shipping and the wider maritime services sector support more than 538,000 UK jobs and contribute £32bn in total to the country’s GDP; also, with the help of tonnage tax, the sector provides £8.5bn in tax receipts to the


industry is at the heart of world trade and is a key contributor to jobs and GDP in the UK


UK exchequer. In the most difficult economic environment in living memory, we are delivering for Britain – this is important to remember. In return, I believe this Government has

delivered for shipping to date. We have a Government that is committed to a stable business climate by retaining tonnage tax, working with us to ensure eligibility for the tax regime stays constant. But, as you’ll see from the article on page 12, a great deal of work goes into maintaining that constancy. There is more work ahead as the

European Commission considers tonnage tax as part of its review on state aid guidelines. But the positive dialogue the UK Chamber has had with European officials on this issue so far this year makes us optimistic. The Government has also ringfenced funding for seafarer training and provided global leadership in the fight against piracy. The security situation for shipping in the Indian Ocean has steadily improved, as the result of an inspiring collaboration from both the international community and the shipping industry. Our article on page 18 highlights the work that has gone into this impressive result, but also warns against complacency in the

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