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Speed and connectivity. Industrial device connectors for the reflow production process.

In today's PCB manufacturing environment, the focus and drive is towards lean manufacturing techniques with the aim of reducing the time and the cost of production. The traditional through-hole wave soldering production lines are becoming increasingly marginalised as product design incorporates more and more reflow compatible component technology.

As a result of this trend towards the reflow process, wave lines are either being replaced, downsized or retired altogether in favour of SMD reflow processes. Where wave soldering is still required for through-hole components that have yet to be, or cannot be, replaced by SMD compatible alternatives, there are a number of options available including smaller more efficient wave ovens or selective soldering equipment. Time consuming manual insertion is still required in most cases for through-hole wave soldered devices.

Device connectors for industrial and building automation applications have traditionally used through-hole

technology. With advances in component technology, reflow compatible device connectors are increasingly becoming available for these high

performance applications. The ability to design a device wholly for the reflow process offers significant production cost savings and shortened assembly lead times.

With the ever increasing demand for reflow compatible device connectors, Phoenix Contact offers an extensive range of Through-Hole Reflow (THR) and Surface Mount Device (SMD) headers and terminal blocks with both screw and fast connection technology. THR devices offer the advantages of through-hole pins for strength and stability, combined with the ability to automatically pick and place before being reflowed along with the SMD devices. THR parts are supplied in tape-on-real, in tubes or trays, and are compatible with standard pick and place production machines. The SMD device connectors from Phoenix Contact are designed with robust anchors for securing to the PCB, and offer exceptional performance normally only found in conventional through-hole devices.

For applications up to 320V and 24A, Phoenix Contact offers a wide range of THR terminal blocks and headers compatible with a multitude of standard plug-in connectors. The headers are supplied in tape-on-real or trays and are available in pitches from 2.5mm to 5.08mm, and 2 to 40 poles. THR terminal blocks are available with screw or spring-cage fast connection technology.

The COMBICON Compact range of THR and SMD device connectors are ideally suited to the building automation and LED lighting market sectors. With fast push-in, wire-to-board and board-to-board connection options, the compact range offers exceptional performance and designed with a compact footprint.

Insulation Displacement Connection (IDC) technology is also available in a THR compatible connector, designed for automatic placement and removing the need to prepare the cable before final assembly.

THR pin-strips offer the convenience of high temperature reflow and an extensive range of plug-in terminal blocks with both screw and push-in technology. Available on a 3.5mm or 5.00mm pitch, plug-in direction horizontal or vertical to the PCB, and shock-proof or lockable versions for maximum security and flexibility. Supplied in tape-on-real for automatic pick and place.

PCB circular connectors have traditionally only been available as through-hole wave soldered devices. Phoenix Contact now offers an extensive range of M12 THR plug-in products for the reflow process. Supplied in trays for automatic pick and place processes, the range includes industry standard coding options from 4 to 17 positions. Robust mechanical features ensure that the device is securely attached to the PCB and further supported with the choice of housings for panel feed through. Shielding is provided via a contact pin on the PCB or via the EMC nut on the front plate. Housings are available with SPEEDCON fast connection technology.

SMD and THR device connectors from Phoenix Contact. Designed for industrial and building automation applications where performance and convenience matters. For further information please contact...

Phoenix Contact Ltd, Halesfield 13, Telford, Shropshire, TF7 4PG, Tel: 0845 881 2222

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