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Advertorials USFF 1206 - 50 mA: Low power loss, precise acting fuse

SCHURTER is expanding its extensive range of surface mount chip fuses with a unique model: the new 50 mA fuse in the USFF family clearly sets itself apart from standard commercial products through a lower voltage loss and an exact opening time. The USFF 1206 thus offers the safe solution for the optimal operation of sensitive electronic systems where such performance is critical.

With the new 50 mA version of the USFF 1206, SCHURTER is offering a true market innovation. The surface mount chip fuse sets itself apart from standard commercial products through a lower voltage loss and an exact opening time. The wire-bonding technology used in the USFF 1206 allows stable, reliable operation at ambient temperatures from - 55°C to 90°C, making it ideal for protection of applications such as in sensors, ICs, and batteries. The new fuse is particularly well suited for the protection of smart metering systems. The USFF 1206 has cURus certification, is halogen-free and conforms to RoHS. With these characteristics, the USFF 1206 fuse is also an excellent choice for lead-free systems.

Technical features and benefits:

- Low voltage drop of 75 mV (250 mA) to 430 mV (50 mA) - Very fast, precise opening - Rated currents from 50 to 250 mA

- Breaking capacity of 100 A @ rated voltage - Super-Quick-Acting (FF) characteristics according to UL 248-14

Applications: - Smart meters - Battery protection - Sensors - Mobile devices - Semiconductor protection

Internet: Datasheet USFF 1206 [1]

SCHURTER LTD. Tel: +44 (0)1243 810 810

ITT Interconnect Solutions reduces aircraft weight Class J and M: 30% lighter than standard aluminium equivalent

The leading global connector manufacturer and supplier ITT Interconnect Solutions has developed a new composite connector specifically for the aerospace market. Today’s military and commercial aerospace manufacturers are under continual pressure to reduce the weight of operational aircraft and lightweight components can play a key role in achieving this. Consequently, many OEM’s are migrating from aluminium to lightweight composite materials for all components. Suitable for both commercial and military aircraft, the new MIL-DTL 38999 series III composite connector is engineered using advanced materials and techniques coupled with ITT’s thirty years of proven interconnect design expertise.

Marketed under the ITT Cannon brand, the new MIL-DTL-38999 series III composite connector is on average 30% lighter than equivalent standard aluminium interconnects. Full advantage has been taken of recent improvements in the qualified ‘KJB’ design, which include part standardisation plus faster and easier assembly. The new composite connector includes MIL-DTL-38999/20 Wall Mount Receptacles and 38999/26 Straight Plugs in both Class J olive drab cadmium and Class M electroless nickel. Qualified operational temperature range for Class J is -65°C up to +175°C, and for Class M -65°C up to +200°C. Suitable applications include commercial and military aircraft, avionics systems and unmanned aerospace vehicles.

MIL-DTL-38999 series III Class J & M composite connectors will be available for purchase from 2nd quarter 2013, pending full DLA approval.

ITT Interconnect Solutions Tel: +44 (0)1256 311200

illumination solution for industrial and signage applications A high build-quality and very versatile range of flexible LED strips is available from OMC, the pioneer in LED lighting, backlighting and industrial fibre optic transmission. Unlike many LED lighting strips which are designed for relatively short-term, decorative use, OMC’s Flexistrip™ product uses closely spaced, ultra high brightness LEDs and incorporate a number of unique features that ensure long-lasting, bright and even illumination. Strips can be cut to length with scissors and fixed in place using the pre-fitted, high bonding adhesive foam tape backing.

High-reliability flexible LED strips from OMC deliver a versatile New composite MIL-DTL-38999 series III connector from - Voltages up to 125 VAC / 63 VDC

RF inductor series New air core RF inductor series feature a wide range of values, providing design solutions for high frequency applications

AVX expands RF product line with two new air core

AVX Corporation, a leading manufacturer of passive components and interconnect solutions, has expanded its RF product line with the development of two new air core RF inductor series. Available in a wide variety of sizes and inductances, the new AL and AS Series RF inductors feature high Q, excellent SRF, an inductance range spanning 1.65nH to 538nH, and current handling from 1.6A to 4.4A. Both series are also lead-free and RoHS compliant.

“Unlike ferromagnetic core inductors, which are subject to core losses that increase with frequency, our new AL and AS Series RF inductors utilize air core technology, which makes them particularly well-suited for high frequency applications,” said Larry Eisenberger, senior marketing application engineer at AVX.

Designed to help provide comprehensive solutions for engineers working within the telecommunications, portable communications, broadcasting, and wireless markets, AVX’s new AL and AS Series RF inductors are compatible with the wide range of AVX RF products and are ideal for applications including broadband I/O filtering, impedance matching, and decoupling/bypassing.

AVX Corporation Tel: +420 575 757 540

Hypertac presents its new M12 series M12 connectors incorporating innovative features and a compact design

Hypertac has responded to the challenge of miniaturization of systems, equipment and components by introducing a new range of M12 style connectors incorporating a number of innovative features. The new M12 Series implements the higher requirements for overall system functionality within a very compact design and at the same time includes the considerable advantages of hyperboloid contact technology. Hypertac’s M12 Series comprises 3, 4, 5 and 8 way contact positions; options for over-moulded or free assembly and straight or 90 degree versions to meet all the recognized standards and industry norms.

A floating female hyperboloid crimp socket within a robust connector insulator and shell provides the benefit of this anti-vibration arrangement which ensures a safe and secure connection for all signals. Additional benefits are realized by the provision of easy handling and rapid contact assembly with a unique sideways clip insulator design.

Insulator assembly within the connector is simplified with a simple touch, look and feel system to ensure correct orientation. An identical, highly compact form factor for each version is another advantage, providing the highest possible connector to connector density. For the free-assembled right-angle version, an adaptable cable entry termination allows for a change to a straight version in the field without compromising the IP67 reliability.

The stamped hyperboloid 0.8mm (8way) and 1.0mm (3/4/5way) contact used within the M12 system supports wire diameters of 0.03mm to 0.5mm (AWG32 to 20), and is suitable for automatic high-speed crimping systems, providing further benefits of process stability and repeatability. The 1.0mm machined contact variant also offered in the 3, 4 and 5 way supports a wide range of wire diameters, from 0.05mm to 1.00mm (AWG30 to AWG18). A 1.00mm contact suitable for a cable diameter of 10mm is also available to customers.

All D-coded 4-way and A-coded 4 and 5 way arrangements have a 360 degree screen termination, which provide complete protection and shielding against EMI/EMC when coupled with the all-metal shell.

Several panel mounting versions for cable and PCB termination offer a complete system for the equipment designer.

Hypertac Ltd. Tel.: +44 (0)20 8208 9230

Bulgin Buccaneer® & Electronics 2013

Ideal for a wide range of industrial and sign-making applications, Flexistrip™ LED strips benefit from in-built electrostatic and reverse-polarity protection and an extra-thick copper substrate for enhanced reliability and longevity. Positive and negative connections to a low voltage supply power the strips, and a simple two-wire link can be used to carry power from one strip to the next. The very high number of LEDs per metre eliminates many of the most commonly seen problems with LED illumination - such as light and dark patches or ‘spottiness’ in a beam - and means stunningly bright, consistent illumination in a vast range of applications. For optimal reliability, the LEDs used in the construction of the Flexistrip™ range are bin- sorted very tightly, with voltage bins as narrow as +/- 0.05V. This crucial step, skipped by many strip designs on the market, results in all the LEDs on the Flexistrip™ being driven at the same drive current. Without it, some chains will draw more current than others and can be overdriven, causing groups of LEDs to fail over time. In addition, the bin sorting ensures consistency of brightness along the strip.

To enhance the range’s versatility further, OMC have developed two fundamental types of Flexistrip™ - front-firing and side-firing. The front-firing Flexistrip™ features 90 ultrabright LEDs per metre, is 10.5mm wide and offers a beam angle of 120 degrees and the light is emitted from the flat face of the strip. Total strip height is very compact - only 3.6mm - and can be reduced further to 2.1mm if required by omitting the VHB foam tape backing. This popular strip type is ideal for wide angle applications such as lighting up vending machines and chiller cabinets, point-of-sale displays, illuminated furniture and lighting up lightboxes and built-up letter faces as an alternative to fluorescent or neon.

Side-firing Flexistrip™ benefits from 78 ultrabright LEDs per metre, is 12.5mm wide and has a unique elliptical beam profile. This 30 x 60 degree beam, emitted from the side of the strip face, enhances intensity transverse to the strip while achieving fast beam mixing between adjacent LEDs, making it ideal for edge-illumination, halo effects, directional applications and for firing light over a longer distance. Total strip height is 7.0mm, or only 5.5mm without the VHB tape. This strip type is also ideal for being recessed into a routed channel or groove such as in display boards or signals.

Due to their superior reliability when compared to “decorative” LED strips, in addition to signage and display applications, OMC’s Flexistrip™ series are also finding a variety of uses in the industrial sector, for example in illuminating workstations, CNC machinery and other industrial equipment. Both strip types are available in both 12V and 24V versions and in a wide range of colours, and the front-firing strip is also available in RGB.

The Optoelectronic Manufacturing Corporation Ltd. Tel: +44 (0)1209 215424

connectors at Southern Manufacturing

Visit Booth G59 at Southern Manufacturing & Electronics 2013 to see the latest additions to the rugged Buccaneer®

range of dust and waterproof power, signal

and data connectors from Bulgin – an Elektron Technology connectivity brand. Held at FIVE in Farnborough on the 13th and 14th of February, the exhibition will showcase the new Buccaneer 6000 Series of unique and easy-to-use push- pull connectors featuring a patent pending, push-pull latching mechanism and 30˚ twist lock. This innovative addition to the Buccaneer range can be connected much more rapidly than a traditional screw thread connector, and is designed to withstand the harshest environments, meeting IP66, IP68 and IP69K standards.

Available in fully interchangeable metal and plastic constructions, the Buccaneer 6000 Series includes data (USB or Ethernet), signal and power versions up to 16A, 277V, and complements the popular screw thread Buccaneer range. The connector’s body mouldings and pin carriers have been specifically designed to create a robust interface while avoiding damage during coupling. This pioneering ‘fit and forget’ connector is ideally suited to applications where access is restricted, and will soon be joined by the IP66, IP68 and IP69K rated Buccaneer 7000 Series for mains power applications. Remarkably compact for its 25A and 277V rating, the Buccaneer 7000 will be available in 2, 3, 8, 16 and 32 pole options, with a unique ¼ turn locking system and a choice of zinc alloy or plastic bodies, offering engineers and designers the greatest possible flexibility in system design.

Bulgin Tel: +44 (0)1803 407700

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