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Interconnection I Product News

FCI’s AirMax VS cable assembly features innovative shield-less design

FCI, a manufacturer of connectors and interconnect systems, has developed the AirMax VS high-speed internal cable assembly that uses an 'innovative' shield-less connector design to deliver much improved signal integrity (SI) performance and data rates of up to 10Gb/s. The advanced AirMax VS high-speed internal cable assembly design features an optimised air dielectric between adjacent conductors to simplify the grounding structure while reducing cost and weight.

The AirMax VS high-speed internal cable assemblies support the Infiniband QDR data rate and other industry standard parameters and are designed for data communications applications where efficient high-speed data transfer is required.

Right angle and vertical mating board headers with passive latch retention mean that the AirMax VS can be used for internal high density

cabling for high-speed signalling, replacing typical backplane systems with this all-in-one cable assembly solution. These 26 AWG internal cables are constructed using four differential pair per column base configurations in both 8- and 10-column counts. External cable assembly solutions can be

configured using the same four-pair per column base configuration and integrating customer defined requirements related to cable retention and EMI system termination. These external AirMax VS cable assemblies feature robust die- cast covers that include superior guiding and EMI shielding performance. The EMI terminates to both metal cable covers and hardware chassis. A plastic snakeskin outside jacket allows for tighter bend radius capability and easier cable routing than conventional jacketed cables.


C&K’s latest IP68-rated sealed switch features unique internal construction with latching function

C&K Components, a manufacturer of tactile, toggle, rocker and pushbutton switches, has developed a new single-pole single-throw, latching version of its NP Series industrial sealed pushbuttons. An innovative internal construction has been developed that allows designers the feel of a momentary switch that has latching functionality.

“The compact size allows customers many integration opportunities where some switches could not fit before and the IP68 sealing makes it robust enough for all indoor and outdoor applications”, said Kyle Peterson, product manager at C&K Components. “The RoHS- compliant NP Series switches are available in multiple housing styles and can be threaded via front or rear mounts, or slot-mounted.” The new compact NP Series switch has a short behind-panel depth and is sealed to IP68 standards. The rugged latching version of the switch has a metal body and numerous wire lead

New fixing elements for full metal housings extend flexibility of DIN 41612 connector family

HARTING has added a range of new fixing elements to extend the flexibility of the D20 full metal housings used with its DIN 41612 connector family.

In developing the HARTING D20 full metal housing for DIN 41612 connectors, the company has concentrated on flexibility and handling convenience. For example, where components are installed in difficult-to-reach or confined spaces, internal hexagonal screws are used as fixing elements for the D20 housing to ensure that they can be screwed in easily. Even if the angle is less than 25°, a ball-head screwdriver can still be used.

These new fixing elements not only extend the range of housings available: they also offer further locking options. The new fixing elements create a robust mechanical connection thanks to their established screwing technology combined with a recently developed alternative screwless locking option. The D20 full metal housings can be secured manually with an audible click – no additional tool is needed. This makes locking and unlocking more convenient and faster. The locking levers simplify operation significantly, and can also be used to aid insertion or removal of daughter cards in a 19-inch rack.

When a large number of tightly packed daughter cards are used, this easily accessible removal aid is a great help because less force is needed. The permanent electrical connection provided by the fixing element ensures that the housing and the racking system are always in contact, giving enhanced screening properties with attenuation of over 30 dB via the D20 housing. The robust and vibration-proof D20 housing range is the system of choice for railway applications. The new fixing element is designed to be vibration-proof, and the plastic used for the ejection lever has the fire classification and smoke index suitable for railway applications: I2/F1 under NFF 16-101.

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Kwik Wire connector blocks from Hylec- APL allow for quick and simple wiring

options, making it ideal for harsh environments, such as off-road, industrial, transportation, military vehicle, and medical equipment applications.

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Lane Electronics now able to supply smallest circular connector

Lane Electronics is now supplying Souriau’s 8STA Series of circular connectors that have been designed specifically for motorsport and other applications where high performance, size and weight are key factors.

The announcement follows the launch of

Lane’s specialist motorsport division in November and is the first of several circular connector product ranges that the company will introduce in the coming months. The first product from Souriau’s 8STA Series to be made available and assembled by Lane is the smallest circular connector of its type currently available. The Size 02 connector is derived from established military specifications MIL-DTL-38999 and JN1003 and its ultra-compact design and lightweight construction makes it ideal for motorsport applications.

Featuring a rugged aluminium body plated with conductive black zinc as standard, the connector incorporates a positive locking mechanism with locked colour indicators. Nickel Plating is an option. Designed to be scoop proof, the Size 02 connector is fitted with gold-plated copper alloy contacts and features an endurance level of 500 mating cycles. Operating temperature is – 55ºC to +175ºC and, when mated, the connector meets the

32 December 2012/January 2013

Hylec-APL has launched a new range of quick installation connectors which allows users to make a connection by simply pushing the wire into the opening. The discrete units are available with between two and eight conductors and feature dovetail slots for easy stacking. They are suitable for applications that require the common connection of multiple conductors such as lighting ring-main cabling connections in ceiling voids.

The Kwik Wire connectors from Hylec-APL, a UK specialist supplier of electrical components, are just 10mm high and 18mm wide. Their length varies between 10mm and 30mm depending on the number of entry points available. The wire is pushed through the entry point and a plated brass insert clamps it in place to form the connection. All products have a transparent side plate enabling a limited view of the internal connections and also feature a test access slot at the rear of the product. Each unit is colour coded depending on size for easy identification, and they all feature dove tail slots which makes them easy to stack for neat wiring. Because of their small size they are

suited for use in junction boxes, compact electrical devices and other power distribution applications where a quick and safe connection for multiple conductors is required. The housings are made from high- temperature resistant thermoplastic (94-V2 grade) and fully comply to IEC/EN 60998-1 and 60998-2-2 standards. The units are suitable for temperatures between -20˚C and 100˚C and up to 450V/20A for mains wiring. They can accommodate wire dimensions between 0.5 and 2.5mm.

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High density, 3-row Datamate connectors now available from Aerco

requirements of IP67 and can withstand salt spray and other motorsport fluids. With its main production facility located in Le Mans, Souriau’s connector solutions are used across motorsport as well as on water. The connector products are used in many areas including batteries, starters and alternators, fuel pumps, engine control units, communications equipment, data acquisition systems and harnesses. Souriau connectors can be found in Formula 1, Indy cars, GP2, World rally cars, endurance racing including Le Mans 24 hours as well as World Superbikes and Moto GP.

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Aerco is now stocking the popular Harwin 2mm pitch Datamate range of connectors in a high- density 3-row format. Stocked in five different configurations of PCB and cable variants in six standard sizes from 18 to 96 ways, these 3A per contact connectors are ideal for use in board-to- board or cable-to-board applications where a high number of contacts are required in a small space.

The 3-row design provides a smaller PCB footprint making significant saving of real estate on the PCB while the compact cable version saves space within the equipment. They are available with vertical or horizontal PCB tails and fit onto a 'Half Eurocard' PCB. The system is supplied in standard formats of 18, 27, 36, 54, 60 and 96 high-performance signal contacts arranged in three rows and are

designed for mating with 22 AWG and 24 – 28 AWG wire sizes.

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