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Circular connector range offers compact, customised solution

The new Han(R) X-TEC circular connector from HARTING offers a compact, customised solution to interfacing in drive systems for machine-tool and automation applications. A key feature of the new connector range is a new type of rapid locking mechanism for cable connectors and receptacles. Simply by rotating the black locking ring through 70°, the user locks the whole connector easily and securely, thereby providing protection to IP67 against dust and water.

The new connectors are offered with a variety of power and signal connections in both M 23 and M 32 sizes. A broad portfolio of housing designs and sizes, including robust metal types as well as light plastic connectors, are available. To make selection easier, connectors are supplied as a set comprising insert, housing and cable glands for the cable connectors.

As well as connectors, complete cable assemblies will also be available in future, both in standard versions and as customised versions for particular applications.

Harting |

New Gecko connectors save space while delivering high performance

FCI develops surface-mount DDR4 DIMM socket

FCI, a manufacturer of connectors and interconnect systems, has unveiled that samples of its vertical, surface-mount DDR4 DIMM socket which is now available. The DDR4 is the new generation of DDRx memory that will enable next-generation systems to achieve higher performance, increased packaging density, and improved reliability with reduced power consumption. FCI’s design objective is to achieve full compliance with standardized mechanical, electrical, environmental, and signal integrity performance requirements as those connector specifications are developed, finalized and published by JEDEC. While FCI’s initial DDR4 socket samples are designed for surface-mount termination, plated- through-hole solder and press-fit termination types are also under development, and evaluation samples of those product types will be available in the near future. “Leading server manufacturers are

increasingly seeking DDR4 connector samples to

support their early design and validation activities in anticipation of Intel’s commercial releases of the Grantley server platform and Haswell server processors in early 2014, and FCI is moving quickly to support those developers,” said Jeff Wu, FCI Product Manager. The dual-row connectors provide 284 contacts on 0.85 mm pitch and are designed to accept DDR4 memory modules that conform to JEDEC MO-309A. The slim connector housing and ejector designs optimize airflow, and the 2.4 mm module seating plane in the connector minimizes the overall height with a memory module installed. Several color options are available for molded housings and ejectors to give system designers the capability to color code the DIMM slots on motherboards or other system boards.

FCI Connect |

Harwin has introduced a new high- reliability connector family based on a 1.25mm pitch. The low profile G125 series connectors are designed to offer high performance in a miniature package. The 1.25mm pin spacing results in a 35% space saving over other high-performance connectors such as Micro-D. The connectors are rated to handle 2A per contact. Tested and proven to allow high performance in extreme conditions, the G125 family can operate within a wide temperature range (-65 to +150degC) and under extreme vibration (Z axis 100g 6m/s). This high performance is made possible by Harwin’s four-finger patented Copper Alloy contact. Offering up to 50 contacts per connector and available in dual row cable-to-board and board- to-board configurations, Gecko family connectors include a range of features including polarization points that prevent miss-mating, easy identification of the No 1 position for fast visual inspection and optional latches that allow simple and fast de-latching that requires no special tooling. Cable connectors feature a rear potting wall adding an extra level of strain relief G125 Connectors are manufactured to

withstand high numbers of mating cycles but also feature low insertion and extraction forces. Moldings are manufactured from RoHS- compliant, environmentally friendly materials, eliminating harmful chemicals even before they are added to restricted substances lists. Pre- assembled cable configurations are available in a variety of layouts featuring male and female single and double ended in a variety of standard lengths. Connectors are packaged in tape and reel format.

Harwin |

DIN 41612 connectors from Lane Electronics available for quick delivery

Lane Electronics has made available the Pancon DIN 41612 connector range and is offering product on very short lead times. Pancon’s HICON DIN41612 Class 1, 2 and 3 connectors can be supplied in the standard DIN Styles C, 1/2C and 1/3C with male- female, dual-wipe high-performance CuSn contacts.

HICON connectors are available from Lane in a wide range of termination lengths and termination methods including solder tail and wirewrap. Both male and female connectors can be supplied with mounting clips. Lane is able to source all key connector types including circular, filtered, RF, coaxial, sub – miniature, backshells and adaptors, D connectors, aerospace, test & measurement, IDC, PCB connectors, edge connectors and connectors for rack and panel applications.

AVX introduces next-generation, wire-to- board capped insulation displacement connector series

AVX Corporation has redesigned its well- established, surface mount, wire-to-board 9175 and 9176 insulation displacement connector (IDC) Series to simplify and reduce the cost of the wire termination processes used to connect discrete wire components to a PCB, bring power and signals onto a PCB, and daisy-chain PCBs together to form a continuous string. The new, next-generation IDC connector series feature a simplified, one-piece design that enables users to insert discrete wires into the cap without stripping them first and to simply press the cap down to provide a secure gas-tight termination. Originally developed for harsh industrial and automotive applications, the new 9175 and 9176 IDC Series are ideal for a broad range of solid-state lighting, smart grid, commercial building, point-of-sale, and medical applications, as well as a wide variety of automotive, transportation, and industrial machine control applications. AVX's new 9175 and 9176 IDC Series feature a plastic cap that retains the contact in position prior to automatic placement and then acts as

the assembly tool to terminate the wires, negating the need for special tooling, soldering, or crimping. Providing the same gas-tight connection to the PCB for long-term reliability as the existing 9175 and 9176 Series, the new IDC series are also identical in contact and footprint, which enables full backward compatibility and functionality. Available in two configurations for maximum

flexibility, end-stop and through wire, the new 9175 and 9176 IDC Series utilize nylon UL94VO insulator material and feature phosphor bronze contacts and tin over nickel plating. Rated for use in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +125°C, both series also feature a durability of three cycles.

The 9175 IDC Series features a current rating of 1A per contact, a voltage rating of 150VAC, and is designed to terminate 26-28AWG wires. The 9176 Series features a current rating of 10A per contact, a voltage rating of 300VAC, and is designed to terminate 18-24AWG wires.

AVX Corporation | Lane Electronics |

New JBX Push Pull Sealed IP68 connector from Souriau

SOURIAU has released the JBX Push Pull Sealed IP68 connector family for waterproof applications. A rugged, sealed connector it has been designed for high vibration and shock environments for both outdoor and indoor applications. Suitable for high reliability and high quality waterproof applications where quick connect and disconnect is required, the JBX Push Pull connector is a durable, high density connector ideal for use in applications with limited space requirements.

SOURIAU Push Pull Sealed IP68 connectors can be used in a variety of markets including Instrumentation & Measurement, Medical, Broadcast Entertainment and Telecommunications.

The JBX Push Pull Sealed IP68 connector is available in a size 0 shell with a variety of contact layouts from 2 to 8 positions (for additional sizes consult the factory). The JBX Sealed IP68 connector can be customised to provide cost

Components in Electronics

effective custom cable assembly solutions to meet the most stringent client’s application requirements.

The JBX Sealed IP68 connector is not only a rugged waterproof connector but the compact design has been created to enhance the overall appearance of equipment and cable assemblies.

Souriau | December 2012/January 2013 31

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