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brochure downloads This month’s free Simply click on the brochure cover or link to download a PDF of the full publication Struktol: additives for plastics

ill & Seilacher family of companies, with representation in ization with over a century of specialty chemical expertise, essing products under the brand name STRUKTOL®

– a name

performance. Struktol manufactures chemicals for the plastics silicone emulsions, products used in latex processing, and ardants.

ives business is by no means typical or ordinary. Chemistry ent Additive Solutions, Struktol products are designed to stomers. Our technical specialists, R&D chemists and ative solutions for the ever-changing polymer industry – th increased productivity, better quality parts and lower ance, Struktol Customer Service initiatives have become

This brochure from Struktol covers its wide range of additives for thermoplastics, including products for superior viscosity control, improved mixing and filler dispersion, plus reduced friction and plate out.

Dow: bio-based plasticizers


Newproduct changes everything and nothing DOWECOLIBRIUM™

bio-based plasticiz-

ers fromDowWire &Cable are a new family of products forwire and cable jack- eting and insulation. Environmentally friendly options for building, automotive, personal electronics and appliancewire and cabling, the newcompounds are renewable alternatives to traditional PVC plasticizers that have all the same performance qualities.

DOWECOLIBRIUMbio-based plasticizers:

• Are phthalate- and lead-free

• Reduce greenhouse gases by 40 percent versus traditional plasticizers

• Demonstrate outstanding performance at lowand high temperatures

• Exhibit processing, feel and ease of installation similar to currentmaterials

(Comparable performance toDIDP, can achieve equivalent Shore A at lower loading.)

Performance Comparison in Model Formulation DIDP

60 PHR

Properties Shore A

Initial Properties Modulus (1% secant: psi) Tensile (psi) Elongation (%)

Aged 10 days at 100°C Tensile (psi) Retained Tensile (%) Elongation (%) Retained Elongation (%)


Intelligent Additive Solutions for Today’s Thermoplastic Industry

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Low-temperature Brittleness per ASTM D746 LOI

Volume Resistivity ohm-m (x10**6)


9380 2020 248

2053 102 221 89

-5˚C 23


Meetmarket and regulatory requirements

(LPLAS 1101 EXP1) 60 PHR


7900 2104 280

2513 119 212 76

Not Tested 23 91


(LPLAS 1101 EXP1) 51 PHR

87.1 DOW ECOLIBRIUM DOWECOLIBRIUM™ meets increasingly

11731 2407 235

2747 114 189 80

-5˚C 24


tough requirementswithoutmissing a beat. They are the first bio-based plasti- cizers on themarketwith the ability tomeet all regulatory requirements, including heat-deformation resistance and high temperature ratings. For personal electronics and appliance manufacturers, thismeans:

• Optimumflame resistance • Reduced carbon footprint • Safe end-of-life disposal

For those in building & construction, phalate- and lead-freeDOW ECOLIBRIUMoffers safe buildingwire options for end users.Moreover, com- pounds are bio-based, enabling cable makers and building industry end users to achieve carbon credits, andU.S. GreenBuildingCouncil LEED(Leader- ship in Energy and Environmental Design)Certification in theUSA.

Dow has a wealth of literature available on its Ecolibrium bio-based plasticizers. There are technical presentations, plus brochures focused on construction, transportation and electrical & electronic applications.

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K-Tron: producing LFTs

Smart Feeding & Conveying Solutions

Application Example Long Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics

New Technologies

Long Fiber Reinforced Thermo- plastics are a recent development in newer technologies where PP or thermoplastic material is directly compounded with long glass fibers (rovings) and then molded in one operation. Long Fiber Thermo-plastic technologies are the buzz of the auto industry in Europe and the US and are one of the most important trends in the plastics industry today.

Glass fibers of ½” (12 mm) up to 2“ (50 mm) length give much higher stiffness, strength and toughness than the 1/8“ (3 mm) fibers that have been used for reinforcement for decades.

Long Fiber Reinforced Thermo- plastics (LFT) have excellent mechanical proper ties and stiffness-to-weight ratio which is of great interest to the auto- motive industry. These in-line compounding processes for long fiber material offer users more flexibility, as they are able to both compound and process such

materials in accordance with their own formulation and also use ready made compounds.

For this process gravimetric feed- ers are used to feed the main polymer as well as the additives. Short term accuracy is one of the key elements because of the very short residence time in the twin screw compounder. The process requires a 5–8% 2Sigma devia- tion at a sample time of 5–10 sec. at a feed rate of 1.5 kg (3.3 lbs) of irregular additive pellets.


There are currently three tech- nologies of interest in the current market. These are E-LFT, D-LFT and S-LFT.

E-LFT is the in-line compounding and direct extrusion of long fiber reinforced thermoplastics as pro- files or sheets, while D-LFT is the in-line compounding and direct compression molding of long fiber reinforced thermoplastics. S-LFT is the inline compounding

and direct injection of long fiber reinforced thermoplastics.

All three processes use continu- ous gravimetric feeders to feed accurately into the continuously operating extruder. Long fiber thermoplastics technology uses special screw configurations for both, single and twin screw extruders.


The base polymer is generally fed with a single screw or vibra- tory loss-in-weight feeder. The integrated vacuum receiver is responsible for the steady refill of the LWF.

One to three additives such as colors, stabilizers, etc. in pow- der or pellet form are added via smaller loss-in-weight feeders (single or twin screwfeeders, vibratory feeders or Bulk Solids Pump feeders).

Edge trimmings and other re- cycled materials are shredded and fed back into the process at a

Long Fiber Reinforced Plastics D-LFT: Coperion Werner & Pfleiderer System

predetermined ratio using vibra- tory loss-in-weight feeders.


The glass fiber filaments are pulled into the extruder from con- tinuous glass rovings on bobbins by the rotation of the screw shaft.

The throughput of the fiber is vol- umetric and quite steady. Each fiber stand is monitored by an infrared sensor. The gravimetric throughput of the fiberglass can also be checked by mounting the bobbins on scales and measuring the weight loss over time.

End Products

Most LFT end products are pro- duced for the automobile indus- try. These molded parts include body panels, sound shields, front-end assemblies, struc- tural body parts, truck panels and housings as well as doors, tailgates and fender sections. Development is also strong in other areas of application in the electrical and building industries.

This four-page technical white paper from K-Tron discusses the selection of optimised materials feeding systems for the efficient production of long-fibre- reinforced thermoplastics (LFTs).

Johns Manville: glass fibres

This brochure from Johns Manville Fibers division examines its offerings in ThermoFlow chopped strands and StaRov LFTPlus rovings for thermoplastics compounders and the different markets it serves.

1 Polymer pellets 2 Gravimetric feeder

3 Glass rovings 4 Motor and gearbox

5 Twin-screw compounder ZSK 6 Devolatilizing

7 Cutting unit 8 Separating unit

9 Robot 10 Press

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Steer: SPL40 turn-key lines

This eight-page brochure covers Steer Engineering’s new SPL40 compounding pelletizing systems that include feeders, extruders, strand die heads, water troughs, air knives, pelletizers and classifiers.

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$2,000 $1,600 $1,400 $1,000 $1,350 $1,100 $950 $675 $1,100 $875 $750 $550 $800 $675 $550 $400

Brochure Showcase entry: 200 or $270 per brochure

The AMI magazine portfolio Applied Market Information publishes three other digital magazines focused on specifi c sectors of the global plastics industry: Injection World, Pipe and Profi le Extrusion and Film and Sheet Extrusion. If you place bookings in more than one of our three magazines, then the series discounts accumulate across all of your adverts. For example, if you book three adverts in each of our four magazines during the same 12 month period, then you qualify for the special 12+ rate. www.pipeandprofi Global distribution Distribution by job function Size of total circulation list: 20,522 names 

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 

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The global magazine for polymer compounders

Compounding World is a monthly magazine written specifi cally for polymer compounders and masterbatch producers around the globe. It is published electronically by

Applied Market Information, the leading provider of market intelligence and events for the global compounding and masterbatch industries. The company has a detailed database

 

of senior decision makers at compounding and masterbatch production sites across Europe, the Americas, Asia and the Middle East. This unique and constantly updated database provides Compounding World with comprehensive global access to the key purchasers of polymer additives, compounding machinery and ancillary equipment. Each month, the magazine delivers

up-to-date information and analysis on the most important and relevant technical developments, market trends, business news and legislative announcements. And unlike other general plastics magazines, Compounding World is 100% focused on the specifi c information needs of compounders and masterbatch producers. Access to the magazine is entirely

free-of-charge. As each issue of Compounding World is published, e-mails are sent to 20,522 relevant recipients from the compounding, masterbatch and additives supply chain to notify them about the new edition and to provide a direct link to it.

Delivered digitally, this is a magazine for the modern age, providing rapid distribution and fresh content for readers, while generating a quick and measurable response for advertisers. Adverts are very competitively priced

and can include links straight to your own website. If you are selling machinery, ancillary equipment, materials, additives or services to compounders or masterbatch producers, then Compounding World provides an extremely effi cient vehicle to promote your business globally. Because the magazine is published and

distributed electronically, there are no delays caused by printing and international delivery. As soon as a new edition is completed each month, its timely contents can be accessed immediately by our readers all around the world. Users can access current and past

issues of the magazine via a dedicated website, This also provides new readers with the opportunity to register for their own monthly notifi cation e-mails for each new edition of Compounding World plus free access to the archived copies.

New for 2012: iPad/iPhone apps In addition to being available online, Compounding World is now also available free-of-charge on the iPad and the iPhone using our dedicated app. New editions are downloaded automatically into subscribers’ Newsstand. This provides readers with a new

and convenient way to read the magazine while on the move. At the same time, advertisers benefi t from even more global exposure as the app is being downloaded by hundreds of new readers around the world.

Compounding World offers:

■ Comprehensive global coverage ■ Targeted editorial content ■ In-depth market knowledge ■ Free online access for all ■ Highly competitive advertisement rates ■ An effective and effi cient route to market

For more information about advertising in Compounding World, contact Claire Bishop today: Tel: +44 (0)20 8686 8139 E-mail:

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Steer: EPZ screw elements MEDIA INFORMATION 2012

How to advertise in this magazine

This 20-page brochure from Steer Engineering has details of the company’s EPZ screw elements, barrels and shafts, including innovative designs that deliver higher intake, enhanced mixing and efficient conveying.

Use Compounding World to promote your products and services. This updated media pack has full details of our global coverage, forthcoming features for 2012, simple copy requirements and very competitive costs.

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