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news PA12 disruption to last months

German chemical company Evonik has confirmed that the fire that broke out in its CDT (cyclododecatriene) plant on the Marl Chemical Park at the end of March, and which resulted in the death of two workers, is likely to disrupt global supply of its Vestamid PA12 products into the autumn. CDT is a precursor in the

production of laurolactum, a monomer used in PA12 production. Evonik is a leading supplier of PA12, which is widely used in the automotive industry in fuel lines and other fuel system components. It is also a major supplier of CDT to other resin producers, including Arkema. In a statement issued late last month, the company said

DSM and Lumena link up

DSM Engineering Plastics and China Lumena New Materials have signed an agreement to explore cooperation in the market- ing and sales of DSM’s Stanyl PA 46 in China and Lumena’s Haton PPS outside of China. In addition, the two

companies say that they will investigate the potential for the joint development of PPS/PA 46 alloys as well as other areas of potential cooperation. ❙


The fatal fire at Evonik’s CDT plant is expected to disrupt PA12 supplies for many month

it did not expect to be able to resume CDT production at Marl before the fourth quarter of 2012 and in the meantime it would be working to help its customers select and qualify alternatives.

“The extrusion and injection moulding compounds based on PA 610, PA 612, PA 1010, and PA 1012 do not require CDT as precursor. They are particularly suitable for use in line systems in the automotive

supply industry, including the multi-layer tubing systems patented by Evonik,” the company said. Some customers may be

able to use Evonik’s Vestamid Terra bio-based polyamides as an alternative. The company had already initiated plans to increase compounding capacity for the Terra product range at its production facility at Shanghai. The new com- pounding capacity is scheduled to come on line in the third quarter. Several other polymer

suppliers, including Solvay, Rhodia, Arkema, Ticona, DSM, Invista and DuPont, have also suggested alternative materials as replacements for Evonik’s PA12. ❙

Albis Plastic invests in its first Chinese compounding plant

Albis Plastic of Germany is investing €10 million in a new compounding facility in Changshu, China. The 10,000 tonnes/year plant is due to be operational by mid-2013. The 5,000 m2

facility will

produce the company’s own compounds, including its Altech and Alcom technical resins, for European custom- ers based in China as well as local companies. Target markets include the automo- tive, electrical, white goods and consumables industries. “The expansion of our

production capacities in China represents more growth for


Albis Plastic and, in combina- tion with our existing plants in Europe, is another important element in our global custom- er supply system”, explained Dr. Jörg Schottek, CEO of Albis Plastic. “We expect an annual growth in the demand for technical plastics in China of around 14% over the next few years”.

Albis manufactures plastics

compounds and masterbatch at three sites in Europe: Hamburg and Zülpich in Germany, plus Manchester in the UK. Its new Changshu site is 90 km west of Shanghai. ❙

Albis Plastic CEO Dr. Jörg Schottek expects 14% annual growth for technical plastics in China

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