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cer detection, and she directed the com- pany until her retirement in 1993. A fel- low of the International Academy of Path- ology and other professional societies, she served on advisory boards from the Amer- ican Cancer Society to Planned Parent- hood. She served Skidmore as a distin- guished guest speaker and campaign vol- unteer and was given its Outstanding Alumnae Award in 1972. She is survived by two daughters, a son, a sister, and three grandchildren. Husband Howard predeceased her.

Barbara Cameron Forbes ’47 of Exeter, NH, died October 21. An English major, she accomplished at creating crossword puzzles and known for her ability to quickly complete the Sunday New York Times crossword in ink. She and her hus- band, Charles, were members of the origi- nal St. Patrick’s Day Committee for the Village of Westhampton Beach, NY, and served as grand marshals in 1989. She served Skidmore as a class agent. Prede- ceased by Charles, she leaves a son, five daughters, and four grandchildren. Mary Ellen Tompson ’48 of Ft. Pierce, FL, died May 11, 2011, of complications from hip surgery. An art major, she earned certification in elementary education at Rutgers University. She worked in various careers before teaching elementary school art. She is survived by a cousin. Marjorie White Williams ’49 of Alta- mont, NY, died October 23. An art major, she earned a master’s in education from the College of Saint Rose. She taught art at the Albany Academy for Girls for many years and was a sculptor whose work is included in collections at the Albany Institute of History and Art, the Albany Center Gallery, Chesterwood in Stock- bridge, MA, and several galleries in NYC and Cooperstown, NY. She served the College as a reunion volunteer. She is sur- vived by husband Frank, two sons, a daughter, and two grandchildren. Ellen Turner Odegaard ’49 of Gaines- ville, GA, died October 21 of Alzheimer’s disease. A sociology major, she earned a master’s in education from Oglethorpe College and served as executive director of the Volunteers of Gainesville Inc. She served Skidmore as a class agent, reunion historian, and reunion volunteer. She is survived by husband John, a daughter, and two sons. Virginia White Blakemore ’49 of Albu- querque, NM, died June 28. An art major, she also did graduate study in American folk art at NYU. She was an accomplished watercolorist who ran her own successful antique painting and folk art business for

many years. She is survived by husband Charles, a son, and a daughter. Camille Cutie Wick ’51 of Cohoes, NY, died October 28. A chemistry major, she started her career as a laboratory techni- cian for General Electric and later worked for Ohio State University on a govern- ment project translating German scientif- ic documents. She eventually earned a master’s in education and enjoyed a 20- year career teaching science in the Albany (NY) School District. She is survived by husband Peter, two sons, a daughter, a brother, and a grandchild. Elsie “Dolly” Malm Gordon ’51 of Hudson, MA, died May 12, 2011. A home- ec major, she earned a master’s in educa- tion from Boston University and taught third grade before starting a family. She later worked for the IRS and a printing company. She also volunteered coordinat- ing the delivery of meals to the elderly. She is survived by two sons, a daughter, and four grandchildren. Patricia Courtney Strong ’52 of Way- zata, MN, died October 20. A drama major, she was one of the founding members of the Sonneteers. She continued her educa- tion at the University of Minnesota and later earned a degree in chemical-depend- ency counseling. She was a probation offi- cer and counselor for county and state court systems and substance-abuse treat- ment centers. She was a longtime member of the Minneapolis Junior League and coordinator of its Volunteers Intervening for Equity project. She also authored sever- al plays for the Minneapolis Children’s Theatre, and she founded the LeagueAires, a community-outreach singing group, with three other Skidmore friends. She is survived by two daughters, three sons, two stepchildren, and 13 grandchildren. Narda Griffiths Wight ’53 of Arvada, CO, died April 26, 2010, of emphysema. She was a music major. She is survived by her husband, Byron, and two children. Susan Kellogg Cook ’54 of Queensbury,

NY, died December 23 of cancer. An art major, she volunteered for the Hyde and Chapman museums and was a member of the Historical Society of Early American Painters. She enjoyed tennis, skiing, and golf. Predeceased by husband Annan, she leaves three sons and a daughter, a sister and a brother, and ten grandchildren. Barbara Hunt Burner ’54 of Westchester,

IL, died October 11. A sociology major, she earned a certificate in business from Harvard Radcliffe Business School. She was a media buyer for Lee Scott Stevens & Associates and later worked as an account manager for the advertising agency Bozell

Worldwide. She served Skidmore as an alumni admissions contact, career men- tor, reunion volunteer, and class fund chair. She leaves a son and three daugh- ters, six grandchildren, and a sister. Robert Guyett ’54 of Boca Raton, FL, died October 3, of pulmonary fibrosis. A US Army corporal, he earned an econom- ics degree from Skidmore. He later com- pleted a master’s in guidance and counsel- ing from Syracuse University and a doctor- ate in psychology from Walden University. He was a longtime school psychologist for the Glens Falls (NY) School District. After retiring, he worked as a therapist for the Anxiety Centers of the Palm Beaches. He was also an accomplished businessman. He is survived by wife Caryn, a stepson and stepdaughter, and three grandchildren. Joan Gragnani Kaufman ’54 of Atlanta, GA, died August 21. An art major, she retired after a career as an elementary- school art teacher. She was also an accom- plished textile designer and quilter. She is survived by husband Jordan, two sons, a daughter, and three grandchildren. Louise Galt Pease ’54 of Bishop’s Cor-

ner, CT, died June 14. An English major, she was director of the Senior Job Bank in West Hartford, where she was had previ- ously worked in real estate. A trustee emerita of Kingsford-Oxford School, she was also a member of the Hartford Golf Club, Town and Country Club, and Green Gardeners. She volunteered for Skidmore as a class agent. She is survived by a son, three daughters, and three grandchildren. Jacqueline Welsh Barr ’55 of Ridge- wood, NJ, died November 9. A business major, she was a community volunteer, serving the Park River Forest Infant Wel- fare Society for many years. She was also active in her church. She is survived by two sons, a daughter, and a brother; hus- band Jack predeceased her. Phyllis Grant Hoddeson ’55 of George- town, MA, died March 3, 2010. A sociolo- gy major, she earned a degree in business administration from Radcliffe College. At age 73, she received a master’s in fine art from the University of New Hampshire. She was a special-education aide at Rye Elementary School. An accomplished artist, writer, and gardener, she was a member of Toastmasters International, the Seacoast Artist Association, and the York Writers Club. She is survived by a daughter, a son, a brother, two sisters, and a granddaughter. Judith Hoadley Westbrook ’56 of Char- lotte, NC, died October 26. A business major, she completed her bachelor’s at the University of North Carolina in


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