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onathan Greene ’07 can be seen all over Saratoga Springs these days, and that’s noth- ing new. The former Environmental Action Club leader who engaged with many community movers and shakers—and who started the D-Hall Revolution to bring more local food to campus— is deeply rooted here. “The reason I stayed in Saratoga, simply, was

opportunity,” says Greene, who originally came to Skidmore from Seattle. “I had more connec- tions here than in any other community.” A few years

ago, he worked those connec- tions to create the Local Living Guide, a con- sumer’s coupon book designed to foster a healthier, stronger, and more sustainable community. Now

he’s taking that effort to the next level with Spa City Packs, which he describes as a “rewards- based system for getting people to shop at lo- cally owned businesses.” The discount cards also offer shoppers a way to influence how businesses operate; one proprietor, for example, committed to buying 50% green power if 50 people shop there. Greene recently purchased a Web site, The

Saratoga Life, and says he has “a couple of other businesses and crazy ideas I'd like to develop”—all part of Community Shift, his idea lab for developing tools to effect local change. “It's a kind of think tank,” says Greene, for inspiring people to improve their community environmentally, socially, and economically. Subsidizing his commitment to social change is his musical talent. The former Filene Scholar, whose clarinet rendition of “Flight of the Bumblebee” has more than half a million hits on YouTube, performs regularly on clarinet and sax with Elizabeth Woodbury Kasius’s world jazz combo Heard. He has also substituted with the Albany and Glens Falls symphonies and had the occasional commercial gig. Still, locals are more apt to look for him at the Farmers Market. —KG

Oregon. She is “fiercely dedicated,” she says, to informing others about the im- portance of local food systems and sus- tainability, and is on the path to becom- ing a farm-based educator. Adam Lerman got engaged to sound designer Jill BC Du Boff, and the couple were planning a May wedding. Last year Adam performed as a happy-go-lucky edu- cation-crazed grasshopper in the kid- friendly play The Ohmies at NYC’s Daryl Roth Theater. He also helped co-host and co-curate the variety show Deep Traffic with Willy Appelman. Adam’s summer projects included a reading of a new musi- cal, Grizzly, by Nick Jones, and a perform- ance in Craig Clary’s The Classroom in the NYC Fringe Festival. Adam continues to develop his project with Daniel Hartley, penning lyrics to and performing in The Harmonious Pimps of Harmony’s Last Show at the famed Ars Nova in NYC. Last fall he joined the cast of Silence! The Musical for a month at Theater 80. More news is at Kasha Rybczyk graduated from the Uni- versity of Washington in 2010 with an MEd in multicultural curriculum and in- struction. She lives in Charlotte, NC, where she works for the Davidson Center, which provides tutoring and educational support for elementary and secondary students.

David Brown, who studied documen-

tary filmmaking with English professor Tom Lewis, has been in film and televi- sion since graduation. Last summer he won a Southeast Regional Emmy for cine- matography—he worked on Civil War- reenactment scenes in the TV documen- tary In Search of Ambrosio Gonzales: Soldier Under Two Flags. The film profiles a Cuban patriot who was also a Confederate Army colonel in America’s Civil War. I am looking forward to the final two semesters in my master’s program, which consists of two off-campus internships in speech and language pathology. I also joined the band Crash 21 last year and have had a lot of fun playing at venues all over Connecticut. MEREDITH FREED 6 PARKVIEW ROAD HAMDEN, CT 06514-2920 FREED.MEREDITH@GMAIL.COM

campaign of Congressman John Carney of Delaware. Before that, Eli was a legisla- tive assistant to the House Democratic Caucus for three years and worked full- time in the Virginia office of President

’08 54 SCOPE SPRING 2012

Earlier this year Eli Turkel was hired to coordinate the reelection


dinator for a NYC architecture firm. SHANNON HASSETT SHANNON.HASSETT@GMAIL.COM


Rob Morlino returned from Hon- duras on Thanksgiving last year, and a week later he made a presentation about his trip to Skidmore students in a Latin American studies course led by prof. Jordana Dym. Rob lives in Washington, DC, and is looking for an NGO or govern- ment job.


In Santa Barbara, CA, Thomas Levesque works for Appfolio, a cloud-based soft- ware-as-a-service company that writes accounting software for property renters, and Flip Bongaerts works for Commission Junction, the largest online affiliate-mar- keting company in the world. In January they and other Skidmore friends headed to Park City, UT, for some of the finest snow on earth. Although Thomas says he has become “a southern Californian weather snob,” he hasn’t completely sworn off cold weather. He is excited about returning to campus for next year’s alumni lacrosse game. Kavita Gadani is a volunteer HIV pre- vention and testing counselor at Fan Free Clinic in Richmond, VA. She is applying to graduate programs in public health, and getting ready to launch an Etsy account to sell some of her paintings. In Boston Christopher Jacobsen works

at EF Foundation for Foreign Study, a nonprofit that brings international high- school students to the US for an exchange year. He lives with Vincent Newell, a jun- ior Linux administrator at Vecna Technol- ogies in Cambridge. David Engel was a full-time ski instruc-

tor at Vermont’s Okemo Mountain Resort last winter. Following five months as a marketing consultant for a jewelry com- pany, he is now a marketing associate at MicroEdge in NYC, which provides soft- ware services for the giving community. Derek Bagley has settled into life in his native Chicago, where he enjoys spending time with Peter Benincasa and Tiana Olewnick ’09. He also connected with Jesse Kovarsky, who was visiting briefly from London. After interning for Raja Krishnamoorthi, a US congressional can- didate in Illinois’s 8th district, Derek was brought into Krishnamoorthi’s campaign as finance coordinator, in charge of fund-

Vanessa Weber says she loves Skidmore. She is a marketing coor-



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