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tle sister” Susan Gibbs ’65, who has lived in Oslo for 30+ years. Gibbsie hosted the Meyers for a weekend after their explor- ation of the Sognefjord, the largest fjord in Norway, and says, “It was awesome ” Gail Homer Jones and husband Paul love North Palm Beach, FL, where they relocated in 2001 after residing in San Francisco, CA. They play golf and serve on club boards. Gail also runs a garden show and has embarked on a new hobby: ceramics. Their two sons and their fami- lies live in New Canaan, CT; the Joneses visit often to see their five grandchildren. Gail and Paul had a fabulous time hiking the Inca trail to Machu Picchu, touring Peru, and spending a week in the Galápa- gos Islands.

Cynthia Brown says she is relatively well, living on Long Island in Garden City, NY. She retired in 2009 and received a new hip the same year. She has been improving her bridge game and still paints, showing at one benefit show a year in East Hampton. Last May Susan Heckel attended a party celebrating her brother’s retirement from teaching geology at the University of Iowa and daughter Heather’s graduation from a master’s program in art education in NYC. Susan is busy “around the clock” with her 18-year-old dog, Cotton Candy. Mary Gowdy Lee and Don, married 48 years, have four children and seven grandchildren. The couple has camped across the US three times and traveled in China, Israel, Greece, and Turkey. Both are retired but busy as ever, involved in an organization serving local youth, an early-literacy center, and their church. Don, very active in Lions Club, is a preaching elder for the Reformed Church of America. Both are grateful that they remain healthy.

Sue Corbet Thomas enjoyed a New

Year’s lunch in Princeton, NJ, with Inez Zagoreos Scribner and Brenda Baekey Mihan. Sue has been in touch with Kay Rathbun Foster, who lives near Toledo, OH; Jo Ellen Krinsky Robins in St. Paul, MN; Cathy Maxwell Cora in Highwood, IL; Barbara McGrew Jenkel in Chappa- qua, NY; Janie London in Tucson, AZ; and Sherrie Tatham Davidson in Lake Forest, IL. All of them expect to be at Reunion. After receiving an MEd from Tufts Uni- versity in 1967, Katharine Simonds taught in Boston inner-city schools before moving to Paris in 1979. There, she worked for the Japanese Ministry of For- eign Affairs for 25 years, as an editor for its delegation to the Organization for


Economic Cooperation and Development. She has four children: Nicholas, Emily, Pierre, and Margaret. She is now part- nered with her high-school sweetheart. Saralee Elegant Evans reached the mandatory retirement age for New York State Supreme Court judges this past year. In February she became a founding part- ner of Siegel Teitelbaum & Evans LLP, where she practices matrimonial law. Janet Tobie Robbins has been happily retired for seven years in Albuquerque, NM. Granddaughters Tzipporah, 8, and Hadassah, 11, live just four miles away, so she sees them regularly. One of Janet’s brothers, also retired, lives in Albuquer- que, and the siblings host occasional fam- ily gatherings. Last January, while in Flor- ida to meet some elderly relatives for the first time, Janet had a long-awaited re- union with cousin Jane Congdon Quin- by. Unfortunately, she came down with a cold, and overzealous doctors nearly con- vinced her to have her thyroid removed, but now she’s found alternative doctors whom she finds “far superior.” She stayed close to home this past winter. Stuart Doling passed along the sad news

that his wife, Ann Morrison Doling, died in September. We extend condolences to Stuart and their children David, Mark, and Jennie. In March my son-in-law, who is a police officer, had a serious car crash while in pursuit of a felon; he is now hobbling around, healing very slowly. He lost his job, and my daughter is hunting for a teaching position; they have no health insurance. I spend a lot of time with the family—baby-sitting, going on field trips, and attending soccer games. Fortunately for husband Ben and me, health issues remain stable. We hosted the entire gang for Christmas; five boys, ages 1 to 8, and a 3-year-old granddaughter made for a wild and wacky time. One of our Brittany spaniels went blind suddenly in July, and it is like having another child around. I have been active with church in Hanover, PEO in Plymouth, and Jazzercise. Remem- ber that May 31 to June 3 is our golden oldies bash in Saratoga Springs; I hope to see you all at Reunion. SUSAN SAMBROOK BERRY 402 NH ROUTE 25A WENTWORTH, NH 03282 603-764-9802 LCDRSSBERRYRET@YAHOO.COM

Bay, Hawaii. Her latest undertaking is cre- ating baskets called hina’i poepoe, tradi-


Willa Zens Marten is enjoying a balmy retirement at Keala Kekva

tional Hawaiian weaving around a gourd. Judy Grebin thanks Connie Talcott

Smith and Wendy Sussman Rubin for planning an exciting get-together during Judy’s visit to Florida in November. The trio viewed the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens in Delray Beach and dined in the restaurant there. Then Con- nie gave Wendy and Judy a wonderful tour of the City of Delray Beach, her hometown. Judy notes, “With indomit- able Skidmore spirit, we talked, laughed, and reminisced. What a special mini- reunion ” We extend condolences to Wendy Wes- son Benchley, who lost son Christopher, 24, in December in an accident in Mon- tego Bay, Jamaica. He graduated from the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sci- ence at the University of Miami last year. He was a gifted soccer player and rower. Our thoughts and prayers are with Wendy and her family. DEBORAH FRANKEL REESE PO BOX 110 SOUTH STRAFFORD, VT 05070 BYBYNJ@GMAIL.COM

derson in NYC. They saw a Broadway show and, according to Val, closed down an upscale Belgian restaurant one night “as we sipped our wine and discussed life, back then and now.” Susie and John also met up with Marilyn Bugg Cooper and husband John while in the city; together, they walked the Highline and wandered through Chelsea art galleries. Val spent the winter in Florida playing golf, run- ning a knitting club, and taking yoga and exercise classes. Carol Little Weg and her husband sold their home in Princeton, NJ, and divide their time between Naples, FL, and South- west Harbor, ME. Carol is into playing bridge. Ellen Pomeranz Sax enjoys life in NYC and Boston with husband Marty. She runs a company that provides upscale table- decorating services for weddings and other events; she loves it. Linda Keating Fuller’s newest book, The Christian Science Monitor: An Evolving Experiment in Journalism, chronicles the founding of the Monitor by Mary Baker Eddy at the age of 88, traces its develop- ment into a venerable journalistic institu- tion, and details the story behind its deci- sion to go digital in 2009. A senior fellow at Northeastern University and professor of communications at Worcester State University, Linda has authored, edited, or


In December Val Burkhardt Mar- ier met up with Susie Riley Gun-

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