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January (see In Memoriam). Connie en- courages us to spend time with classmates whenever the opportunity presents itself. In Pennsylvania, Marilee Karins Pelle-

grini performed in two weekend concerts with the Hershey Community Chorus over the holidays. She was then free to enjoy time with family and friends. Mari- lee says she thought about Lois Blum Reitzas as she was knitting socks for gifts. She adds that baking Christmas cookies with a 3-year-old was “mayhem.” Last fall Judy White hosted Donna Case

Peck for lunch and a tour of Denver, CO. They had a wonderful time, and Judy hopes Donna will decide to move to the area. Judy’s summer car, a Mazda Miata convertible, was “put to bed” in mid- October. She says, “It is truly my senior car—wheels for fun.” At church, Judy sings with the Senior Elite Choir, where she is considered a youngster. The choir produced a CD of anthems last year titled Senior Moments. “They do have a sense of humor,” she notes. Debbie Miller Wager, Thea Kharasch Flaum, and Avis Pomeranz Kniffen met in NYC in November for a whirlwind mini-reunion weekend. They attended theater and museums and lunched with Rosemary Bourne and Pat Cooper Frome’s daughter Amy. Additionally, they took the subway to the 9/11 memorial at Ground Zero, which Debbie describes as “wonderful.” Thea added, “It was as though all the years between never were. What could be more meaningful and spe- cial?” The trio is already planning this year’s get-together. Mary Jane Adriance Hall lives in Con- cord, MA, and cares for her husband, who has Alzheimer’s. Susan Walden Divine (swdivine@gmail.

com) held her first watercolor show last August in Utica, NY, at the SUNY Institute of Technology’s Gannet Gallery, and sold eight paintings. She was looking forward to co-hosting a May trip to Skidmore’s Tang Museum with the Wednesday Morn- ing Club of Rome, NY. Alan and I joined dear friends from New

York to tour southern Utah; we saw seven national parks. How absolutely astound- ing that part of the country is We traveled to our son Thomas’s home for Thanks- giving, and enjoyed a Texas Christmas with son David and his family. (We plan to complete the family circle by spending a week with son Michael and family in Portland in June.) In early January Sue Smith and I welcomed Mary Kelchner Lindner back to Tucson, AZ, for her an- nual three-month stay. Our weekly movie

and dinner schedule continued as in past years. Mary and I basked in the beauty of our Tucson Symphony, enjoying every minute of the music. GAIL BENDIX JAFFE 5431 N. PASEO ESPEJO TUCSON, AZ 85718 520-575-0165 GAILBJAFFE@MAC.COM


Congratulations to Fran Malino, a professor of Jewish studies and

history at Wellesley College, who was pleasantly surprised when she opened a certified letter from the French Ministry of Education—naming her a Chevalier in the Ordre des Palmes Académiques, an honor for academics and others who make contributions to French culture. Fran’s spirits were buoyed. In November Pam White Leighton moved to a continuing-care retirement community 10 minutes from her former home in Blue Bell, PA. Pam is very inde- pendent; she can cook or take advantage of the excellent dining facility. She knows many of the residents already, uses the fit- ness center, and plays bridge. Her three children and four grands came for three days at Christmas to check out her new digs; all of them loved the house. Pam says her place is very private and looks out on acres of pasture with Angus and Galloway cattle and their calves. Zelda Jacobson Schwartz has devel- oped her own model for mini-reunions whenever she and husband Paul partici- pate in rock ’n’ roll half-marathons. Zelda saw Joan Horowitz Behr in September, when she and Paul ran the RNR half- marathon in Philadelphia; visited Sue Parker Prior in November at another race in Savannah, GA; met up with Evie Berk Kahn at a third event in Myrtle Beach, SC, last February; and was hoping to con- nect with any classmates in Louisville, KY, while participating in its RNR derby festi- val in April.

Susan Stark Match availed herself of

the fabulous offer Paula Rosen Janis made of an exclusive signed collection of The Magic Garden DVDs and CDs (at a special ’61 price). Susan had the packet sent to her 3-year-old grandson for a holi- day gift, and it was an expected success— another generation hooked, plus his par- ents appreciate the quality entertainment. I can also recommend it: my granddaugh- ter Nora received it last year and has fall- en in love with Carol and Paula. Susan, who is active in the alumni club in Vero, FL, says that although many of its mem- bers graduated well before ’61, event

attendees always share interesting com- parisons of time spent at Skidmore. There was a cocktail gathering before Christmas at a lovely spot on the beach. The alumni office sent Sue an old College songbook, and she accompanied members in singing some of the “oldies, but goodies,” as well as some Christmas carols. Los Angeles, CA, resident Edna Simons Alvarez updated us after 50 years She went to Aix-en-Provence for her junior year and married an American living there. She finished at San Francisco State University and then obtained a master’s in library science and a JD. Her two chil- dren are now wonderful women. She opened her own estate-planning and tax- law practice in the early 1970s and be- came a respected lecturer on those topics nationally. Active in feminism, she helped change state laws on married women’s rights to manage and control their assets. After retiring in 1994, she has advised and raised money for a local food bank. A bird-watcher, she traveled more than 75,000 miles last year, including trips to Cuba, Brazil, South Korea, England, and around the US. She spent the holidays with her daughters and their families in London and Berkeley, CA. Edna notes, “I feel so fortunate to have the life that I have.” In January Joan Horowitz Behr visited Judy Brown Tulchin in Chapel Hill, NC, before heading to NYC, where she had lunch with Ellen Rein Goldin, Paula Rosen Janis, and Reina Gothelf Reisler. Julie Burger Pierson and her husband have been happily retired in her home state of Vermont for 13 years. They live in the village of Hinesburg, south of Bur- lington, where they enjoy romping in the woods with their dogs. They have two children and seven grandchildren, whom they visit in St. Louis, MO, and Scottsdale, AZ, whenever possible. Julie often sees Jane Perlis Ambrose, who lives in Jeri- cho, VT; they enjoy reminiscing about Skidmore days. This past winter Judy Mutti Grinnell met up with Marilyn Schutrum Cough- lin and Hulda Hardman Jowett for a holiday lunch at the Massachusetts Mu- seum of Contemporary Art in North Adams. Judy’s daughter, with her husband and four children, traveled from their home in Frankfurt, Germany, to visit her. Margaret Howe-Soper, retired from her

job as library director, has camped from New Mexico to Alaska, done a lot of hik- ing, and learned to ride an ATV. Last year she became a first-time grandmother, vis- ited family and friends in Illinois and


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