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FOR OCADO Jason Gissing, Arati Nar, Matthew Knight, Gemma McIver

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OH, HELLO Come on, now. Buff away the dull and fi nd your inner

shine [P4] Live your potential [P6] Twinkle, twinkle [P10] Follow the yellow brick road[P12] Taste the summer [P15] Feel all shiny and new[P18] Be the slickest silver-tongued devil you know[P16]Gloss up [P22] And if it all gets a bit too bright, slip into the shade (with style) [P25] Dance in the moonlight [P32] Turn the lights on and feel the glow [P26]Outshine everyone

around you[P28]And see how you smile* [P34] Love Ocado, live diff erently

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