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The Chamber works closely with two initiatives that bring the UK maritime cluster together. Maritime UK is a coalition of the shipping, ports and maritime business services sectors that speaks with one voice on key strategic and practical issues of joint interest. Sea Vision UK delivers education and careers messages to young people – the seed corn for the cluster’s future development.

Maritime UK The intention of Maritime UK is to bring together the shipping, ports and maritime business services sectors to speak in unison. It works to create ‘joined-up’ industry positions between these sectors so that the maritime message can be heard clearly and with greater weight by legislators and other audiences. The coalition has seven members, made up

of the Chamber of Shipping, Baltic Exchange, Maritime London, Passenger Shipping Association, Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers, UK Major Ports group and the British Ports Association. The year 2011-2012 has been successful

for the group, with the launch of a new website and the publication of a wide-ranging economic study that found the maritime services cluster contributes £26.5bn to UK GDP, supports 531,000 jobs and provides £7.8bn in tax receipts to the exchequer. It also contributed significantly to a number

of consultations – including successfully lobbying for the Transport Select Committee to undertake a detailed inquiry into the regulation of sulphur emissions from ships. Furthermore, Maritime UK developed its relationships with government ministers, MPs and peers and lobbied effectively on a number of key policy areas. The year ahead will see Maritime UK

strengthen its ties with the Marine Industries Alliance and expand its efforts across numerous



government departments, equipping the services sectors with the tools to increase their influence.

Sea Vision UK Following careful analysis of how Sea Vision might best enthuse the young people of today about the maritime opportunities of tomorrow, the focus is on two distinct products. The first new product is a Digital Information

Hub that launched in January. It is a traditional website, underpinned by a family of social networking sites carrying bespoke Sea Vision material, together with aggregated content encompassing the diversity of maritime activities and news. This is further supplemented by educational modules, the first of which is centred on the voyage of a container ship from Asia to the UK. It is hoped that these modules will be the first of a growing family. The second initiative is founded on educational

interaction with secondary school pupils, providing maritime-themed material that ties in with the school curriculum from Year 7 through to Year 13 (ages 11 to 17). This initiative, intended for delivery in any maritime location, will launch in May, with the pilot running in the Solent area. Success relies upon wholehearted sector support. To find out how you can help tell the excellent

story of our sector to the next generation, please email


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