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figure is based on the entire population of both adults and children.) Splurging the most on gaming are the inhabitants of the

Lazio region with an average expenditure of ¤610 each, or more than ¤4 a day. Not far behind are the inhabitants of the Abruzzo region at ¤588, and also on the podium with an average expenditure per capita of ¤581 are the people of Lombardy. The most virtuous are the Calabrians, who only spent ¤362 per capita (¤2.4 per day) on average, followed by those from the Basilicata and Sicily regions, both at ¤376.

Although their region recorded the lowest total takings,

residents of the Valle d’Aosta spend only slightly below the national level, with a total expenditure of ¤477 each over the five-month period.

Regulatory developments Further concessions for VLTs are due to be issued, although the date is uncertain.

A new anti-money-laundering law came into force for Italy’s bricks-and-mortar gaming businesses on 1 March, despite concerns from the industry.

The AAMS developed new rules covering the games operated

on till receipts that retail outlets and other businesses issue for consumer purchases.

Prompted by widespread operator fears, the AAMS moved to clarify the regulations regarding the use of so-called “totems”, or gambling terminals, in betting outlets.


Last year at this time, JCM Global successfully demonstrated the security and accuracy of the UBA, ICB and Sentry bezel to a standing-room-only crowd of Italian VLT operators in Rome. Since then, Italy has continued to grow as an exciting market in the VLT arena, and JCM has grown with it. Change machines remain a critical part of operations throughout Italy, and many operators have found success with JCM’s Taiko and Vega-RC products. Recently JCM introduced the UBA-RC. Built on the very popular UBA platform, the UBA-RC recycles two denominations, ¤5 to ¤200 notes, selectable via protocol command. UBA-RC uses innovative Roller Friction Recycling Technology to hold up to 100 bank notes in each recycling chamber. UBA-RC protects operators better than any other type validator because of its incredible anti-stringing protection, viewed by many as the best in the industry. Today, most of the leading change machine suppliers are testing UBA-RC. Meanwhile, JCM’s UBA and WBA products have maintained a dominant position in the Italian VLT market, with more and more suppliers selecting UBA for their VLT builds. Outside of the VLT market, floor tests will be starting soon in Italian casinos with JCM’s award-winning iVIZION bill validator. Further, in commercial markets, banking, kiosks, and similar operations, JCM’s TBV is the validator of choice, and iVIZION is gaining considerable traction.

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