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The Intercomp AC100 RFX Aircraft Weighing Intercomp’s new AC100 now incorporates integrated RFX Wireless

Weighing technology right in the CPU. New features include an upgraded, rugged casing, providing protection and a new, easy-to- use thermal printer. USB and RS232 outputs allow for uploading information to a PC for future analysis and the new, graphic LCD display allows the records to be recalled directly on the indicator. Improved battery life of up to 200 hours and easy accessibility through external quarter-turn plugs make battery changes simple. Integrated RFX Wireless weighing technology brings the AC100 RFX Wireless CPU into our wireless compatible line of scale systems.

Intercomp’s AC100 RFX Wireless CPU works with any Intercomp AC Scale System,

cabled or wireless and still features one-touch printing, center of gravity calculation, axle accumulation mode, set alarm and zero buttons. The new rugged case, screen contrast adjustability, and backlight for night use enables use in most environments. Intercomp says the battery-operated unit reliably tallies individual wheel weights and computes total vehicle weight automatically by using the self-prompting software. It also features an AC or DC power source and simultaneous zeroing of all platforms.

For more information, call 800-328-3336 or +1-763-476-2531 or visit Ruggedized Quadrax Connector by TE Connectivity

TE Connectivity (TE) has introduced the Quadrax D-Sub style connector for military and commercial aerospace environments. The new

connector was designed to

provide a gigabit Ethernet solution in an industry standard D-Sub platform, while offering superior shielding performance. The Quadrax D-Sub style

connector was created to meet the high-speed data rate needs in commercial avionics, aircraft data networks, in-flight entertainment systems and military communications applications. The rugged metal shell construction provides four Quadrax connections in a size three shell with a 0.5” x 2.0” window, and supports both cable-to-cable and cable-to-board configurations. It serves as a low-profile alternative to the Circular 38999 Style Connectors, providing the perfect solution for cable-to-PWB high-speed interconnect. The easy-to-assemble connector features cable applied plug and receptacle, along with right angle PCB mount receptacle. For more information call 800-522-6752 or visit

Weldcraft TIG Torch Series Improves Performance

To improve torch control and performance when welding on thin- to medium-gauge materials, Weldcraft offers its WP-17 Series of air-cooled TIG torches. Ideal for professional or hobbyist welders, the series includes six different styles of TIG torches, including models with gas valves and flex necks. The torches provide 150-amp DC and 115-amp AC welding capabilities at 60 percent duty cycle, and are available with 12.5- and 25-foot, one- or two- piece cable lengths. Weldcraft’s WP-17 and WP-17V models feature the company’s exclusive Diamond Grip torch body, which it designed to provide welders with a secure grip and greater control, no matter the welding position. The WP-17V model also features a fingertip gas valve to ease gas flow control when used with power sources that do not include a gas solenoid. Additional

models in the series include the WP-17F and WP-17FV TIG torches. Both are flex neck torches designed

to provide access to restricted joints and the FV model also includes a gas valve for gas flow adjustment. The last of the series, the WP-17 PSH model, features a secure, threaded handle and is ideal for pipe applications using the cupwalking technique. It is also available in a valved version, the WP-17V PSH TIG torch. All WP-17 Series are available with multiple accessory kits, cable covers and extension kits, as well as gas lenses. Each model uses 10N series consumables. # For more information, call 800-752-7620 or +1-920- 882-6800 or visit

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