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CLASSIFIED regarding the new aircraft, including engine selection, but did say deliveries are scheduled to beg

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Pratt Closes Connecticut Maintenance Facilities Suffering from the airline industry’s economic downturn, Pratt & Whitney announced in late Septe to close its engine-overhaul plant in Cheshire, Conn., in 2011 and shift its Connecticut Airfoil (CARO) from East Hartford, Conn., beginning in mid 2010. The work at the Cheshire facility—overhauling PW2000, PW4000 and F117 engines—will be tran

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has filed action at U.S. District Court in Hartford to block the closings. The work transfer will elim Connecticut. Some 3,700 Pratt & Whitney workers belong to the union. Pratt’s final decision follo days of negotiation between Pratt and union officials in late July.

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TOOL CRIB Cleaner, Greener Degreaser by Kumi

Kumi Solutions cleaning machine, the Pero R1 is a solvent degreaser with vacuum drying. Kumi says the R1 takes component cleaning and degreasing to new levels. If you are currently degreasing and cleaning metal components with a solvent based cleaning system, the Pero R1 will clean the parts quicker and/or better, according to the company. Although the Pero R1 has been designed with a minimal operational footprint it has the equivalent cleaning capacity of machines that are 50 percent larger. With a maximum throughput of up to 20 baskets per hour the R1 has made slow vapor degreasing machines or dry-cleaning technology a thing of the past. A basket size of 530 x 320 x 200 mm (other sizes are available), able to hold up to 80 kg of parts, results in an efficient cleaning process. Kumi says Pero R1 is the fastest sealed system available with

floor-to-floor times as

low as three minutes for load — wash — rinse —

vapor degrease —

vacuum drying — unload. It is also the most energy efficient vapor degreasing equipment currently available today, consuming just 1.15 kW per load or 0.03 kW/litre of washed component. It is eco- friendly with minimal solvent usage, as little as 20 kg per year, and features low installation and running costs.

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AC TECH Gains Qualification for AC-131 Pre-Treatment

AC TECH announced that its AC-131 CB environmentally friendly surface pretreatment product has been qualified by the Performance Review Institute, a not-for-profit organization created by SAE International to develop and administer performance standards for quality assurance, accreditation and certification programs for aerospace and other industries. AC-131 CB is the second member of the AC-131 family to earn AMS3175 qualification, an industry standard material specification that allows the U.S. military to specify its use as a non-chromate surface treatment. AC-131 BB was qualified to this specification in December 2010. Both products are based on Boeing’s patented Sol-Gel technology and are the only two in the industry to achieve AMS3175. AC-131 benefits include a complete lack of hazardous hexavalent chromium, the elimination of scrubbing or rinsing and associated wastewater, compatibility with composites and mixed metals, improved paint adhesion. For more information call +1-714-373-2837 or visit

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Whitney facilities in Columbus, Ga., and to Eagle Services Asia, a joint venture with SIA Enginee The CARO work will go to Japan Turbine Technologies, a joint venture between Pratt & Whitney a Pratt & Whitney claims that the work transfer will save close to $54 million annually. The move drew a harsh response from the International Association of Machinists and Aerospa Email:

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