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magic of garnering good feng shui by creating good karma

Quenie Fong waxing lyrical on the

These past couple of months, I am happy to say that I have had some very good fortune indeed. Sounds like a breath of fresh air to you? Yes, it is definitely a change to report good news when all round us the world seems to be falling apart, with economic woes, fierce typhoons, earthquakes, forest fires and political unrest in so many countries! How lucky we are to be living a relatively peaceful disaster- free life here in Malaysia!

in fantasy; not in real life! D

MINOR OBSTACLES PRECEDED MY GOOD LUCK What really happened was that in the past two months, I met with many minor obstacles and setbacks, but my feng shui training taught me to stay positive, confi dent and calm. We know that in a “bad year” it is better to have a series of small setbacks, which then purify the bad luck, rather than have ONE big thing go badly wrong! So with a clear mind, I set out to clear the hurdles like

removing splinters from my skin – one by one. I used methods and remedies that I learnt from Lillian Too in her feng shui classes, mainly from her Bright Light Cosmic Magic Course, which she opens to her regular students. I am ecstatic to say that it turned out really well, as I had combined feng shui remedies with invoking the help of the cosmic forces – how powerful is that?! Here, I would like to share how I did it. T e good

results even brought me two unexpected bonuses! First I stayed positive. One’s attitude, confi dence and faith in oneself makes for a powerful fi rst step to success. It establishes strong positive affirmations in the mind that create the mindset to overcome challenges. Visualisation plays a very important role. When the mind is negative, nothing in the world can help you! At the same time, although feng shui is non- religious, it becomes extra powerful when one uses


on’t read me wrong, I did not strike the lottery. Nor did I become a billionaire overnight! Good fortune does not necessarily mean getting money! Get real! T ings like that only happen

the third dimension of spirituality by invoking the help of the cosmic forces. T is works irrespective of which religion you practise. I practise Tibetan Buddhism introduced to me by Lillian and it was to this philosophy that I turned to for help.

FIRST GOOD THING In early August, my family fl ew in from diff erent parts of the world to reunite on a small private island in the state of Terengganu for a short break. Before we left home, I happened to mention to Jennifer Too that I was looking forward to our fi shing holiday. When Lillian heard of it, she was immediately concerned that I would be inadvertently creating massive negative karma from the seemingly innocent sport of fi shing! She was also concerned that I would be causing my family the same fate! Buddhists believe that one would generate a lot of negative karma if one were to kill for fun. So she set out to strongly (and happily successfully) persuade me to reconsider. I am very grateful that she took the trouble to prevent me and my family from accumulating negative karma, as heeding her advice, we proceeded on a diving, snorkelling and canoeing holiday minus the fi shing – even my brother who has been a die-hard sport fi sherman all his life left all his gear behind.

RETIRING MY CAR Coming back to my annoying obstacles. Well, two months ago, my husband and I were forced to consider changing our family car; seven years and a minor accident had taken a toll on its performance. At that age, our faithful workhorse was beginning to wheeze and cough. We embarked on the process of choosing and buying a new car, and thus began a long and tedious process... just to acquire a new car! You wouldn’t believe the problems and delays that cropped up. T ey ranged from slow and diffi cult fi nance loans, to inspections and transfers, and even faulty accessories installation! Everything possible and everything unimaginable came up one after another, as though to victimise and sabotage our plans, and we needed the new larger car for the journey to our holiday!


I re-checked the feng shui of my home and ensured that all my feng shui cures were in the correct locations. I added much needed


victory enhancers and changed the water in all my water features. I hung six small bird

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