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ICE 2011

that in helping to take the company to the next level. Our product suite includes a full suite of pit-related gaming products; one of our challenges is making sure our global customers understand that yes, we can of course provide currency, but we can also offer the tables, chairs and wheels, all of the components they use to offer a live gaming experience.” Greg Gronau enthused about the company’s

Asia office, opening soon. “We’re opening our office in Macau in March; our customers are already appreciative that we will be there, on the ground to support them. We have 80-90 per cent of that market, so it’s important for us to be there.”

Triple Crown / Mozzart A really striking machine, an automated

roulette with a huge difference – the wheel is surrounded by three number rings, not the usual one. It makes roulette quite a different experience, as Zoran Puhac of Triple Crown explains: “It’s an innovation that is unique in the market. We have constructed three active roulette wheels; it can be played as a regular roulette with one wheel, but with three there is much more excitement with the three numbers generated. It brings more earnings for casino owners too, so there is balance – there is something for the players and also something for the operators.”

In a stunning shade of pink, this was certainly one of the highlights of ICE.

Berlin, even before the ICE show; ICE was its first appearance at a gaming show. Shuffle Master’s European arm was

promoting a half price program, which Roger Snow explained: “This is a program we have rolled out on utility products in Europe only; the idea is that casinos that have budgetary constraints can still have our products on the floor and not have to pay the full amount. So you can get a good utility product like a shuffler or a chipper, for half what it costs but you pay a monthly fee to keep it operational; otherwise it locks up.” The chipper’s full performance is PIN activated, which means the operator can let it ‘sleep’ in off peak periods, saving money all ways.

Innocore It’s been all change for Innocore since their

takeover by Advantech, and it’s change for the better, as Sales Director Koen Stomph explained: “We’re not Innocore any more – we’re Advantech Innocore. What our merger brings to customers is more service stations in Europe, local warehousing, more engineering support, as we have more than 600 engineers at our disposal; for the customers it’s really a good thing. “We’re showing two new boards here at ICE, in the DPX-S series. Everyone knows the S410 but now we have two new boards. One uses an AMD design based an on E785 chipset which gives great power, low wattage, high performance integrated graphics and more.

Gary Platt Skip Davis, Chief Operating Officer of Gary

Platt Manufacturing, attended the ICE show for the second year in a row. Bernard Mozina, General Manager of Intergames D.O.O., Gary Platt’s European distributor, was in also in attendance. Gary Platt, manufacturer of casino seating, is gaining market share with its X- Tended Play seating and was well received by both operators and OEMs.

ISMS Shuffle Master

The table games company has two new additions to its excellent iTable software, in Ultimate Texas Hold’em and Roulette – both sure to do very well, as iTable is one of the outstanding products of the last few years. Texas Hold’Em is actually enjoying the first installation anywhere in the world at Spielbank

The DPX-S415 board gives you everything you need to work a slot machine, sound, everything. The other version is the DPX-S425 – it’s a similar design but it’s based on the HM55 Intel chipset. Both chipsets are really new so we can comfortably commit to a five- year availability cycle.”

For International Slot Machine Sales, appearing at exhibitions and trade shows is an essential part of their business. Managing Director Sam Arnold says, “With customers in all corners of the globe, it is important to give them every opportunity to see us and our products at whichever show suits them best. Obviously, the ICE Totally Gaming Exhibition is one of the biggest and most prestigious events in the gaming calendar. It is a great way to obtain new clients and to advertise our products and services, but it is also an important way for us to catch up with our existing customers, friends and colleagues in the industry.” This year on the ISMS stand there was a good mix of existing clients and suppliers, together with many first-time visitors from newer markets. “The flow of traffic on the stand was pretty constant,” said Sam. “It would appear that a challenging financial climate lends itself to our type of business. Our clients are often astute businessmen and women, who can see the value in purchasing top quality, pre-owned products. These machines show an immediate cost saving over new equipment and give a great return on investment in the shortest possible time frame. Purchasing pre-owned slot machines from ISMS enables casinos and gaming venues to replace their equipment more often, thus satisfying the changing demands of customers in the shortest possible time frame.”

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