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ICE 2011

last year, also made an appearance in electronic form on a table which can also host Texas Hold’Em, so the appeal to customers is doubled. In Quikker, players can bet on the type of card, colo9ur of card, any pair – it’s almost like the table game version of spread betting, such is the variety of bets a player can enjoy. The table now has TITO as an option, so it’s even more attractive. Finally, there was a single deck shuffler on

show. The dealer puts the deck in and the device checks the deck and counts the cards, then shuffles; it takes a minute to shuffle the cards, which is about the time it takes to play a game with six players, so the dealer always has a fresh deck to hand.

Money Controls Celebrating their new home with the Crane

Payment Solutions family, Money Controls had their flagship Ardac Elite front and centre, alongside a very strong suite of products more in line with the AWP market – hoppers, coin validators et cetera. Ardac Elite is the first field-proven imaging

bill validator, and will be a solid addition to the CPS suite of products. Tony Morrison, Money Controls’ European Sales Director said: “Unlike traditional validators, Money Controls’ Ardac Elite takes a high-resolution image of the whole note. 100% note scanning by the Ardac Elite makes it much easier to identify note fraud, and the last note image display function can be used to easily resolve player disputes.” Of course, Money Controls also has the new

ccTalk DES encryption standard to bring to the industry. ccTalk DES encryption is a further development of the ccTalk protocol, widely accepted as the industry standard. As a result of using ccTalk, systems and products can benefit from low-cost hardware, increased security, superior fault-code reporting, and real-time monitoring of cash transaction. Ardac Elite is now available with ccTalk DES encryption for greater security. Tony added: “Our DES encrypted products, including coin mechs, hoppers and validators, offer a significant weapon in combating fraud. Since we launched these, in response to demands from the gaming industry, we’ve had a very positive reaction. ICE will give us another opportunity to meet with customers and show them how Money Controls’ products can benefit their businesses, not only in terms of security, but reliability too.”

Crane Payment Solutions The future is all about the freshly-broadened

product suite that Crane Payment Solutions can now bring to their customers. As Sim Bielak explained to CI: “Our message here at the show is about moving forward with Money Controls and bringing our products together, our teams

48 MARCH 2011

together as one Crane Payment Solutions team. If you look around our booth, or the Money Controls booth, you’ll see the widest range of products and we really are now the coin handling experts of the world. We have NRI, the coin validation experts, and now we have Money Controls which has a huge reputation as the expert in coin dispensing – the Universal Hopper is like an industry standard. Plus there’s the ccTalk protocol, which is a standard. Bring all of that together and it’s a very strong suite. “On the casino gaming side they have the

Ardac Elite product and we have the CashCode one, it’s a real suite of products with great depth we can offer our customers. “We truly are Payment Solutions now; there is no-one else that has the breadth of products we have.”

DigiDeal Freshly separated from IGT, DigiDeal had an

important message for customers at ICE, and it all centres around their flexibility. If you’re in a jurisdiction where an electronic table game might be regarded as a slot machine – ie the UK – then the DigiDeal table can use a live deck to deal, but in all other aspects be digital. If there’s a problem, this company genuinely has a solution. If there’s a cap on slots, DigiDeal tables can be table games, and vice-versa. CEO Michael Kuhn explains: “We have more

flexibility now, and a more intimate relationship with our customers now. As a result of G2E we had some success there, so we came here to do some training on product and some installs after the show ends. “Europe is a growth area for us. We’ve had

games in the Netherlands and Germany, and we’ve got an install coming up in Norway, as well as some others subject to regulatory approval. We’re aligning ourselves with new relationships in distribution to target Europe more effectively too.


The thermal printer and promotional couponing experts had a good show, after a quiet start, as John Edmunds told Casino International. “It’s been a really positive show. It was quiet for the first part of the first day but since then it’s been great. We have two new products that we first showed in Vegas at G2E in November. There’s the Gen3 Evolution printer, which is the first TITO and promotional couponing printer that is designed specifically for promotional couponing. It’s faster, it’s better quality and it’s not an add-on, it’s what it was originally designed for. “We’re also showing PromoNet promotional couponing system which has had a refresh, and is running live on the slot machines we have on the booth. We’re running it with the Gen3 printer on slot machines from various top slot manufacturers to show this setup can work with just about anything.” The print quality from the Gen3 really is

impressive, with a subtlety rarely seen from a thermal printer. Most impressive.

GPI Gaming Partners International, with fresh

recruit Kirsten Clark in the team, are looking toward a bold future. With success in Asia under their belt, the team is casting its eye worldwide at ageing chip inventory, as Kirsten explained: “An obvious growth opportunity for GPI is the RFID chip space, and Asia has been very progressive in getting RFID in their chips and at the cage but there’s a lot of opportunity to really secure the currency casino are using. If you look at the chip inventory a lot of casinos worldwide are using, they’re using chips that are seven years old with outdated security features. That puts them at risk from counterfeiting. “GPI has been an innovator with all our

security features, and I’m excited to be a part of

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