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G2E 2010

CASHFLOW SC units already in place. SC Advance will also work with MEI’s successful EASITRAX Soft Count, too; the company expects to have samples in the field early in 2011, so this is certainly one to keep an eye on.


structure of the former Coolfire I platform. Novomatic also displayed a comprehensive

multiplayer installation comprising Novo Multi- Roulette, Novo TouchBet Baccarat, Novo Flying Black Jack as well as Novo Flying Texas Hold’em Poker, Novo Flying 3-Card Poker and Novo Flying Carribean Poker, all in one system and all available on each of the linked individual player stations. Running on the server based Novo Unity II multiplayer platform it allows casinos to link any chosen number of terminals to different games such as Roulette, Baccarat, Poker and Black Jack to make all those games available at every player station. Novomatic also presented a selection of

Octavian equipment that represents part of the assets Novomatic acquired from the international gaming supplier earlier this year: the exhibited products such as Casino Management Systems were presented in a comprehensive show installation connecting the machines on display. Also, cash handling systems demonstrated at the Novomatic booth included cashless and TITO applications. With the proprietary jackpot system P-Box AGI also presented the brand new jackpot theme ‘Fredy Fortuna’ which has been developed through the close cooperation of Octavian South America and AGI.

MEI MEI’s show

MEI celebrated selling its one millionth CASHFLOW SC with customers at G2E

centred around the unveiling of their brand new SC Advance bill validator. The device boasts an improved recognition system, using transmissive sensors at multiple wavelengths to validate notes, faster bill-to-bill

speed, expanded memory, four-direction barcode recognition, and importantly an upgrade to USB 2.0. Arguably best of all for Mei’s many customers, these enhancements are in the acceptor head so they can work with

32 DECEMBER 2010

The Roulette specialists are planning to move their celebrated products into the state of Nevada and at the show, explained to CI that they were in the process of seeking Nevada approval for their wheels. G2E was another good show for Cammegh,

as Andrew Cammegh explained: “The show’s been really good. There are two factors. One is there is a growing interest from the local market about us and our products; the other thing is, our location is absolutely fantastic, we’re right off the main drag. There is also a more buoyant atmosphere here. “For us, we’ve had a lot of enquiries about

our new niche products, our random rotor control for the online gaming sector, Double Shot has been a huge success as a flat side bet; it’s the first time it’s been seen here and the interest has been unbelievable. Our customers know they can their existing wheels and get a fantastic flexible totally tailored side bet to increase value, diversity, offers, promotions… The interest in that has been unbelievable. “The products are really hitting the sweet spot in terms of what we’re all about; we’re the specialists in the industry for Roulette wheels.”

Merkur Gaming

Merkur arrived in Las Vegas without a grand plan, willing to see what G2E could do for them – and it was a successful trip. Of note for Merkur is their new slant-top slot machine, which attracted a great deal of attention from a wide range of potential customers. Merkur’s Frank Ziegler spoke about the company’s plans: “We didn’t come here with big expectations; we thought we would see what happens. We wanted to show people who we are, what Merkur and Gauselmann Group can do. People here are sometimes surprised by the size of the company, and that we are a major player in other territories. “It’s important for our clients and customers, both in South America and in Europe, that we

show our products here at the biggest and most important show in the gaming world. “The Mexican customers have really

appreciated seeing our products which will be placed with operators very soon.” Merkur has some aces up its sleeve though,

and Frank assured us that there will be new product launches to come at ICE in January – though they are also booked for the next three years at G2E, too.


Hess, on the Merkur Gaming stand (both companies belong to the Gauselmann Group), were displaying the Polaris Scorpion voucher redemption terminal, a time, space and labour- saving device that is ideal for operators where the casino pays out the same type of ticket across the floor. Hess’s Erik De Kat explained how the Scorpion has been improved: “Polaris Scorpion has been redeveloped and tweaked to become one of the most stable and sturdy machines of its type on the market. It performs very, very well now. We have this installed at the Emperor’s Casino in Johannesburg, where they do an enormous number of transactions every month on the Polaris Scorpion. Yet they have a downtime of less than four per cent – and that figure includes the maintenance, filling, refilling, emptying and balancing. “Now we’re ready to go with this on other

markets, we’re concentrating on Australia, the rest of Africa and Europe is becoming a place of interest for us as well.”

Crane Payment Solutions CPS, which owns the well-known CashCode

brand of note validators, has reported a very, very good G2E. CPS maintains this is down to booth position in a high traffic area – though we’re sure their products had some influence on that too! Crane Payment’s Sim Bielak, VP Sales & Business Development – Casino Gaming, said simply, “We have our customers to thank for this years successful G2E show, this was the best show we’ve had in 3 years. Given the post show feedback, we now have greater expectations for 2011.” Highlights for the company included its

CashCode one bill validator, a device designed to handle any protocol, interface and even any voltage for what they say is a truly universal solution. The 800 Note Cashbox also need mentioning, with 33 per cent more capacioty than the standard – and that large percentage would mean a significant change in required cashbox collections on the casino floor by up to 20 per cent.

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