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studentfocus November 10 7 Special feature:

6 easy steps to exam success By Elizabeth Goodwin, ABE Assessment Co-ordinator

You have been studying hard all year, and with less than a month to go before the exams you might be feeling the strain. These last few weeks of preparation are key to examination success, however, so take courage and get ready for the final push.

It’s time to consolidate everything you have learned and make your final weeks of revision really count. Follow these six easy steps to make the most of your remaining revision time, and you’ll be on your way to achieving the examination results you have worked so hard for.

1. Download the syllabus for each of your subjects from the ABE website (http://www. syllabuses/) and make sure you’re familiar with its key areas. If you come across a topic which you have not yet covered there is still time to ask your tutor for help, or to research the topic area in the library or online. Failing to cover the syllabus is one of the main reasons why many candidates fail their examinations, so make sure you aren’t caught out.

2. Create a revision timetable and stick to it. If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to draw up a revision timetable. Make a list of all the topics you need to revise and divide them up according to the amount of time that you have left before your examinations begin. Set yourself daily targets, and make sure that you set aside enough time in the day to get your revision done, but also to take occasional breaks. You should take a short break of around 15 minutes for every two hours of study to ensure that you maintain your concentration levels. Although you might be surrounded by temptations and distractions, stick to your timetable. If necessary free up extra time by getting up a little earlier than usual, or turning down the occasional social invite from your friends: the exams are imminent and now is the time to revise. Don’t worry, the exams will be over soon, and the post-examination celebrations will be all the more enjoyable if you know you have revised well and performed to the best of your ability.

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