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Study tips: Strategic Business Management and Planning

Students are NOT expected to merely re-write models and theories that they have learned. It is important to understand that few marks are available within the examination for the basic demonstration of theoretical knowledge. It is the application of this theoretical knowledge that will be awarded the higher marks. Students and tuition providers are also reminded to review the command words that are used in questions at this level, as these provide clear guidance on the level and depth of skills required to pass each question.

The SBMP syllabus The syllabus is split into seven key learning outcomes. Within any one examination paper, most of these will be examined in some way within a wide range of question requirements.

1. Critically assess the nature, scope and need for strategic business management and planning in international profit and not-for-profit organisations

2. Critically evaluate a range of classic and contemporary models, concepts and tools in business strategy and planning.

3. Appraise the processes by which organisations identify and develop their goals and values.

4. Critically analyse the impact of political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal factors on an organisation.

5. Identify the key forces that represent both opportunities and threats to organisations, whether for profit or not for profit.

6. Critically evaluate the strategy process for an organisation to achieve competitive advantage

7. Critically analyse the future challenges affecting strategic business management and planning.

The examination paper

The examination paper has two sections. Section A is a compulsory 50 mark question for which students are required to answer three or

Please note that from December 2010 the case study for the compulsory question (Q1) will be available on the Members Area of the ABE website a month before the exam. However, students may not bring their copy of the case study or any pre-prepared material into the exam. The case will be provided in the paper.

The SBMP examination is designed to test students’ higher level understanding and application of the Strategic Business Management and Planning syllabus as part of ABE's Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management. Students are therefore expected to demonstrate a high level of analytical and evaluation skills.

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