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studentfocus November 10 11 Viewpoint

Student profiles: Rindie Faurie – United Kingdom

Rindie Faurie is the HR advisor for Sovereign Publications in London. As an Associate Member of ABE, Rindie was also the Prize Winner in the ABE December 2008 exam session for the Advanced Diploma in Human Resource Management.

‘I chose to study ABE because their courses provide a professional, structured platform on which I can build my further education. My ABE Advanced Diploma has offered me practical experience through

a strong theoretical base and a holistic understanding of the subject and the tools I will need to succeed in the workplace. Moreover, the progression pathways that ABE qualifications carry allowed me to progress onto the MBA programme awarded by the University of Wales. I believe my ABE Advanced Diploma is crucial to eventually achieving my career and academic goals. I would recommend ABE to anyone wanting to further their education.’

Adamou Abdoulaye Djibo – Niger

Adamou Abdoulaye Djibo was the Top Paper Prize winner for the Business Environment module in the June 2010 global examination session.

‘I have enjoyed each module of the Financial Management programme, and in particular

the Business Environment module which has helped me grasp fundamental knowledge of how multiple types of organisations interact with their internal and external environments. This is an essential route for finance students to understand how to assess, plan and provide the support needed

by organisations in order to survive in a competitive and globalised world. With the help of ABE’s supportive learning materials, I am now able to discuss confidently many theoretical and practical subjects in finance such as Financial Management, Financial Accounting, Organisational Behaviour, Human Resources, Project Management, and Operations & Quality Management. I am now also more than confident that I can progress in my academic career in finance at one of the many UK and worldwide universities that offer significant credit exemptions for ABE qualification holders.

Additionally, being very interested in diversity, ethics and multicultural businesses and societies, I have been very privileged to share my experience with dozens of other fellow students from different ethnic, academic and professional backgrounds using various ABE learning and networking platforms.’

I have enjoyed each module of the Financial Management programme

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