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26 November 10 studentfocus ABE news

ABE held its first ever Open Day in Trinidad in August

On 19 August 2010, the first ever ABE Open Day was held at the Centre of Excellence in Macoya, Trinidad. The event, which attracted high school students from local areas, was officially opened by Teresa Davidson from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Tertiary Education. The morning session included speeches from Glenda Esdelle (ABE’s local representative), Jon Swindell (ABE’s Communications Manager) and Curtis Floyd (ACTT Manager, Registration) and provided students with the opportunity to meet with representatives of the 12 ABE approved colleges that were exhibiting at the event. The colleges in attendance were as follows:

The event was officially opened by Teresa Davidson from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Tertiary Education

● Professional Institute of Marketing and Business Studies Ltd (PIMBS)

● Institute of Training and Development (INTAD)

● CTS College of Business and Computer Science

● School of Business and Computer Science (SBCS)

● SITAL College of Tertiary Education ● St George’s Academy ● School of Higher Education ● Bordercom International ● Omardeen School of Accountancy ● Institute of Corporate Development ● Business Technology and Development Centre

● Institute of Higher Education

There was an award ceremony in the afternoon, at which His Excellency Eric Jenkinson, the British High Commissioner for Trinidad and Tobago, spoke about the high standards of British education and the importance of foreign awarding bodies to the region. The High Commissioner then presented special awards to students who had won ABE Top Paper Awards in the December 2009 examinations. A record

21 Top Paper Awards (approximately one third of all awards worldwide) were won by students in Trinidad, which represents an incredible achievement by both ABE students and colleges alike.

The students who attended and received awards were as follows:

● Tricia Belcon (SITAL) – Management in Action

● Latoya Redman (SITAL) – Quantitative Methods for Business and Management

● Bobby Bissessar (SITAL) – TTH Operations Management

● Nalini Lalla (SBCS) – Relational Database Applications in Business

● Jamal Job (SBCS) – Management in Action

● Darlene Beddoe (SBCS) – Economic Principles and their Application to Business

● Gillian Samuel (SBCS) – Management in Action

● Sheena Francis (SBCS) – Quantitative Methods for Business and Management

● Keston Hobson (SBCS) – Relational Database Applications in Business

● Cleopatra James (INTAD) – Contemporary Application Development Methods / Information Systems

● Antoinette Forde (INTAD) – Managing Organisational Change and Development

● Leanna Hart (CTS) – Introduction to World of Computers / IT Applications and Skills

● Rishi Budhram (CTS) – Computer Networking

● Narisha Khan (CTS) – Information Systems Project Management / Marketing Policy, Planning and Communication

ABE wishes to congratulate these students and their colleges on their success. We look forward to celebrating the achievements of many more ABE students and approved colleges in Trinidad and Tobago in the future.

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