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Powerful web portal Symyx has released All New Discovery Gate, a powerful portal for accessing a wealth of scientific information through the web. In its initial release, All New DiscoveryGate speeds chemical sourcing and reduces costs by providing the fastest, most comprehensive tool available for assessing compound availability and comparing compound prices across more than 890 suppliers in the Symyx Available Chemicals Directory (ACD). For one-stop chemical

sourcing with Symyx ACD, All New DiscoveryGate offers easy text searching by common identifiers such as MFCD numbers or chemical names, along with the ability to search by chemical structure. Straightforward filtering of results facilitates price, quantity, and purity


Multi-functional spectroscopy package Adept Scientific is distributing Thermo Scientific’s Grams Suite 9.0 in the UK, Germany and the Nordic states. The software package delivers enhanced capabilities for scientists engaged in a variety of

spectroscopic experiments and disciplines. The Grams Suite is comprised

of a collection of complementary and fully integrated applications and modules centred on the core Grams/AI spectroscopy data processing and reporting software.

Its advanced processing routines, data comparison and visualisation features and ability to handle data from any analytical instrument has set the industry standard for spectroscopy software. New functionality available with GRAMS 9.0 is developed with intuitive and simplified workflows to enable scientists to more easily and rapidly access their data and make more informed decisions about the results generated. Due to its broad compatibility

with many different instrument data types, the Grams Suite of spectroscopy software is valuable to researchers across the broadest range of industries and academia to help solve some of the most difficult data analysis challenges.

comparisons across all suppliers, enabling researchers to identify the most cost-effective purchases quickly and easily. Additionally, users can access a new online DiscoveryGate Forum facilitating customer and industry discussions.

Enterprise system for omics management Genedata has released Genedata Expressionist 6, a major new release of its enterprise system for omics data management. With new Refiner MS module capabilities for direct integration with leading mass spectrometry search engines, Genedata Expressionist 6 provides a platform for real-time biomarker discovery. New predefined workflow systems and visualisation enhancements are among additional

features, which combine to create an intuitive omics analysis environment. Genedata Expressionist, built on a highly scalable architecture, is capable of handling extremely large data sets and studies. It provides a single-point-of-access for experimental, proprietary and public data including sample information, raw and pre-processed data, and analyses results with reports and documentation. The dedicated Refiner modules for microarray and next-generation sequencing data readily extend the system beyond classical expression data to address the entire biomarker discovery and development workflow. Integrated omics data management and mapping technology support data analysis, biological interpretation, and decision making across key technologies.

The release of Genedata

Expressionist 6 strengthens the power of this enterprise system for biologists and biostatisticians alike. This major new release includes Genedata Analyst. While also available as a standalone solution, Genedata Analyst is integral to the Genedata Expressionist system. It supports hundreds of users and billions of data points per user session. Capabilities for sophisticated data analysis and visualisation combine with a comprehensive set of statistical approaches and interface to third- party algorithms.

Updated sequence analysis capabilities Biomatters has released version 5.0 of Geneious Pro, the latest update to its powerful sequence analysis software. This upgrade allows full bacterial genome assembly for data generated by Illumina, 454, SOLiD, Helicos and other leading sequencers to be done on a desktop computer and features many improvements to visualise, browse and analyse the large volumes of data created with next generation sequencing. Geneious Pro features a number of analysis tools for mutation detection, repeat finding and a new split-screen viewer for opening multiple different views of the same sequence. For example, the ‘variation finder’ can detect all mutations in a novel bacterial strain by comparing it to an ancestral strain using the reference assembly method, to determine the underlying genetics of its observed phenotype. The new split-screen view allows navigation of the genome by these annotations as well as superb support for in silico cloning and restriction analyses. User testing


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