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Front Gate
Everyday scenes through the operator’s eye
Following recent press speculation about a flotation,
Merlin Entertainments has confirmed that no firm
decisions have been made regarding future changes
in ownership of the private-equity supported business.
A statement issued on behalf of Europe’s number one
visitor attraction operator in February declared, “All
options, including an IPO, remain under
consideration, but the Group does not expect to reach
any conclusion in the near future. Merlin, as a highly
cash-generative business with a long debt maturity
profile, remains well positioned financially for the next
phase of growth opportunities.”
A Reverchon Log Flume will be a new attraction for
2010 at the South Pier in Blackpool. The ride, which
was purchased from a Spanish showman by ride
operator Peter Sedgwick, will replace the pier’s
Reverchon Wild Mouse, which has been sold to
Poland. The ride will be the only full size flume in
Blackpool since the Pleasure Beach scrapped its ride
in 2006.
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New attractions at Drayton Manor for 2011
include a Dino Trail adjacent to the zoo, offering an
1) Extensive Signage – At Six Flags you will find signs everywhere. We let you know how to find
exciting, dinosaur based walk-through adventure for
your favourite ride, where the nearest restroom or smoking area is, and what kinds of delicious
all the family. The British park will also show a 4D
version of the film Happy Feet in its Simworx effects
foods you can get at the food court. We also make you aware of specials and upcoming events
theatre. Construction work on Drayton Manor’s
such as concerts or festivals. Your guest can never be too informed!
eagerly-awaited hotel is due to begin this month, in
2) Bizarro – Formally the Superman Ride of Steel, this transformed coaster is the ultimate total
anticipation of a summer 2011 opening.
sensory overload. Proclaimed by Park World’s Paul Ruben as “the number one roller coaster on Charlie's Adventureland in Cornwall, south west
the planet,” this is Six Flags New England’s signature ride and a source of great pride for all our
England, has been acquired by Town & Country
Markets (T&CM). The attraction is located next to
T&CM’s existing property in the resort of St Austell,
3) A Spotlessly Clean Midway – We take great pride in how clean the parks are. It has become
which includes Cornish Market World, a Kids
part of our corporate culture at Six Flags. The guests constantly tell us how much they appreciate Academy nursery and Kidzworld play facility. "It is our
that, and how important cleanliness is to them.
intention to make the whole site a major Cornish
visitor attraction that will draw in people from far and
4) Landscaping and flowers – Part of escaping the daily grind and the present economy is simply
wide,” says T&CM’s Malcolm Ball. Ken Gorvin, who
being in an attractive and colourful environment. We take great pride in
established Charlie’s Adventureland in 1997, is
providing beautiful backdrops to all of our shops, restaurants, rides, midways emigrating to Australia.
and attractions.
Jim Seay, owner and president of Premier Rides, has
5) Stampcrete midways – Using stampcrete as opposed to black top adds
been re-elected chairman of ASTM International
colour, texture, and a themed feel to our midways. It also doesn’t absorb
Committee F24 on Amusement Rides and Devices.
and radiate the heat, which makes the conditions much more comfortable
The 500 member committee is responsible for 17
international standards that cover design,
for our guests.
manufacturing, maintenance, inspection and
operations for traditional amusement rides, water-
Larry Litton, Six Flags New England, Massachusetts
related rides and special rides and attractions.
MARCH 2010 7
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