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How do you ensure loyal staff on a seasonal basis?
50of Fun
Raffi Kaprelyan, Canada's Wonderland: We believe our most
important asset is our employees. Seasonal employees are crucial to the
success of the park and their positive interaction with our guests is vital. We
ensure our seasonal employees understand the value of the work experience
they gain at Canada’s Wonderland. Their loyalty to the park is based on the
kilometres per hour – top speed
excellent training programmes and job responsibility they experience during
reached by Dirk Auer last spring when
their employment. Our focus on promotion from within also is an incentive to he skated down the Mammut wooden
return each season and gain valuable work experience that will last a lifetime. coaster at Tripsdrill in Germany
PJ Sedgwick, Blackpool Piers, UK: No matter how hard we look after them it’s
hard to hold onto people from one season to the next. We have one Polish
family that stays with us, but that’s about it. I was sat at dinner during IAAPA
with operators from Germany, Belgium and America, and remarked that Number of people simultaneously
getting good staff is the hardest part of the job here in the UK. The German walking on stilts across the globe last
guy replied it was the same in Germany, the American agreed, and so on. I
summer for Cirque du Soleil’s 25th
suppose because we are at the seaside it’s even worse – who wants to work
on a pier over the Irish Sea when there’s a gale blowing?
Vic Nolting, Coney Island (Cincinnati), USA: Every year we do a
number of things to make working at Coney Island unique. During the year
we stage a number of employee events, including sports tournaments,
year Hong Kong Disneyland is
employee Olympics, a Monte Carlo night and talent show. We end each predicted to break even
year with a family picnic, where each employee and their immediate family
receive a free ticket to the park along with free food and drink. Additionally,
each employee is given two free guest passes after they have worked four
weeks. Plus, we reward solid performances with “Coney Bucks,” good for
purchases in our cafeteria or retail locations. For exceptional work we have a “Super Staffer”
Visitors last season at Belfast Zoo in
award given in all departments every pay period. Each year we vary the activities, but our Northern Ireland, a record attendance
goal is to show our employees that we value their efforts and create a positive work in its 75th Anniversary Year
Angelique Klar, Slagharen, Holland: Since Slagharen
opened in 1963 we are happy to say that about 60% of all our staff
members are returning to the park year by year. The loyalty is amazing!
Visitors received at Parque de la
Where fathers and mothers started to work for us in the 60s, their children
Costa in Tigre, Argentina, since it
and grandchildren are now taking over their jobs. This, and the fact that
opened in 1997
within our region we are the biggest employer, is the reason that we do
not need to worry about loyalty. We will be opening the park again on
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March 26, and our employees are already anxious to start!
Ups &
Caught on Camera - A man is believed to have
groped a woman on Tower of Terror at Disney’s
California Adventure. The alleged assailant was
Killer Whale - A trainer at SeaWorld
caught on camera in a souvenir photo
Orlando was killed by a an orca whale.
Dawn Brancheau, 40, was apparently
grabbed by Tilikum and shaken violently
Universal Korea - Universal
Tivoli Takes the Brunt - Tivoli lost
Parks & Resorts is expected to
roughly 100,000 guests in December
break ground on the 1,100-acre
due to fear of riots and traffic problems Hong Kong Mickey - Hong Kong
Universal Studios Korea resort
associated with the COP 15 climate Disneyland’s net loss for its 2009 fiscal year
project early next year. It is
change summit in Copenhagen. narrowed 16% as attendance at the world’s
expected to open by 2014
Attendance for the rest of the year smallest Disney theme park increased
remained constant
6 MARCH 2010
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