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Park News
Dinosaurs Unleashed on Oxford Street
Pedestrians on one of the busiest shopping streets in
London can enjoy an up-close encounter with a dinosaur
at a “pop up” attraction open until the end of April.
Experience UK
Dinosaurs Unleashed at Parklife on Oxford Street UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) has launched an online directory of creative
features the largest collection of animatronic dinosaurs companies supplying the attractions industry.
in the UK, set inside a Jurassic forest packed with “The UK is renowned for its creative industries,” highlights a UKTI
prehistoric plants. Included among 24 life size exhibits spokesperson. “Companies both large and small have built up a great
is a giant Diplodocus longer than three London capability and expertise in advising and supplying leisure venues and
double-decker buses, a Tyrannosaurus Rex, attractions around the world.”
Triceratops and Velociraptors. The Experience UK website, which will be joined soon by a printed brochure,
The attraction is also home to the world’s first “prehistoric aquarium” featuring aims to bring those firms together in one place, acting as a valuable resource
computer-generated marine reptiles. Guests can also enjoy interactive exhibits, for attraction developers. The site, which is managed by Andrich International
games, a dino dig and gift shop. On-site admission costs £16.50 (organiser of TiLE), also features a news feed from featured companies.
($25.70/ UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) is a government organisation that helps UK-€18.90), or £12.00 for under 15s.
Dinosaurs Unleashed was based companies succeed in a global economy.
created by Nicky Allison of
Progressive Events and Gavin
Howard of Avalon Studios
and realised by Tour-Ex with
the support of Land Securities.
Liseberg launches Quick Pass
It opened in London on
January 28 and continues
Liseberg will become the first Swedish amusement park to implement a ride
until April 30. There are then
reservation system when it introduces its new Quick Pass for the 2010 season.
possible plans to tour it to
Guests using the pass will be granted priority access on up to five of the
other locations.
Gothenburg park's most popular attractions: Lisebergbanan (pictured below),
Images courtesy Charles Hosea
Balder, Kanonen, Flume Ride and Kållerado.
Ride times can be
booked on a first come first
served basis via the
Liseberg website when
guests buy a ride pass.
There will be no additional
charge for the Quick Pass.
Scandinavian park
visitors already enjoy a
similar system at Legoland
in Denmark, but this is the
first time it has been tried in
BugWorld eyes
European sites
The company that manages the BugWorld Experience in Liverpool, England, is
looking for new sites elsewhere in Europe.
“BugWorld is a perfect project to roll out into sites with high footfall,” says Keith
Thomas, director of the Petersham Group, which operates the attraction on behalf
of Rogers Group Investments.
“BugWorld is a high-profile leisure
attraction that will attract families all
year round. It is both cost-effective
to build and requires little more
than 1,500 square metres of space
and visible shopfront.”
BugWorld opened in July at
Liverpool’s Albert Dock and features
six insect habitats, interactive
exhibits, a “creepy crawlie”
handling section and edible bugs.
12 MARCH 2010
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