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By Rives Elliot
Raw-foodism can be called a diet, but
most of its followers call it a lifestyle.
ased on the fact that nutrients deplete and en-
zymes break down in food as it is heated, Raw
Foodists focus on eating uncooked, minimally
actually taste good. A lot of people think healthier foods
processed food. Most eat a vegan diet.
don’t taste as good as junk food but we’ve been able
Raw-foodism (or “rawism”) has been popularized
to make foods that are healthy and taste great too.”
in recent years by such books as RAW: The Uncook
Mizrahi also hopes that as people are introduced to
Book, by Juliano Brotman, and Superfoods, by David
these foods they will begin eating more fresh fruits and
Wolfe. Interest in rawism has gained such momentum
vegetables as well.
that several raw restaurants have sprung up in our area,
The majority of BMO’s products utilize the Better
developing rawism into a serious cuisine for residents
Than Roasted
(BTR) line of organic nuts and seeds that
here in southwest Virginia.
have been specially prepared to maximize their nutri-
Those interested in joining a growing list of “rawk-
tional value. Using a proprietary method of germinating
star celebrities”, such as Woody Harrelson and Alicia
and dehydrating these nuts and seeds, BMO products are
Silverstone, will be excited to learn that one of the
sweeter and easier on the digestion than their conven-
biggest commercial proponents of raw food resides next
tional counterparts. The BTR line includes a wide variety
door in Floyd. While most raw operations are based
of whole nuts, nut butters, trail mixes and more. They
in large cities like New York and San Francisco, Blue
are often mixed with superfoods like goji berries, maca
Mountain Organics (BMO) chose a more idyllic coun-
powder, spirulina, and cacao nibs.
tryside location to set up shop in 2006.
For individuals interested in trying raw foods, Blue
“I first went RAW when I was 16,” says founder
Mountain Organics suggests starting with a taste-test
Jared Mizrahi. Growing up in New York City, Mizrahi’s
comparison of any of their prepared almonds, pecans,
parents exposed him to a number of diets such as
or walnuts with their conventional versions. If you’re
vegetarianism and macrobiotics. Although he experi-
feeling more epicurean, try something from their raw
mented with several diets to determine which provided
bakery line—cacao and almond-based Chocolate,
him with the most energy, he settled on a combination
Chocolate chip cookies or CocoJoy chocolate-coconut
of raw and cooked foods, depending on the season.
bars. “You can never go wrong with our Blue Mountain
“What we offer at Blue Mountain Organics are
Cashew Creamery cashew-based non-dairy ice cream,
gateway foods,” says Mizrahi. By “gateway” he means
ranging in flavors from vanilla to cappuccino to mint
prepared foods that are “healthy, raw, organic, and
cacao chip,” says Mizrahi.
Blue Mountain Organic’s products are available lo-
cally at Harvest Moon in Floyd. For more info on Blue
Mountain Organics, visit
For more information on rawism, please check out the
following resources:
Books: RAW The uncook Book, by Juliano Brotman or
Superfoods, by David Wolfe
Restaurants: Juliano’s RAW; or Pure Food
& Wine
Southwestern Virginia
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