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to pull together. However, Chaela
seemed so bright and was taking
food so we decided to go with it.
The vet stitched as much of the
wound as she could but we were
left with a very deep wound that
would need dressing very frequently.
We were keeping her in our
padded deer unit and being able
to put Freckles with her, quietened
her down and she seemed
more settled. Day by day the
wound started to close and
eventually healed completely
which was amazing.
The last fawn to arrive was a
Fallow, another male, so called
Stuart - we really must find more
romantic names next year. We
now had all three breeds. Stuart
was finally moved to the Chestnut
Pet Service
Centre in Yorkshire where he will
be a new breeding male and the
We had our first pet service at Secret
others all went to the same
World this year. Rev Walsh from West
release site in Somerset where
Huntspill came and held the service and
there is over 136 acres of
there certainly was a variety of animals
woodland and I’m sure they will
and their owners! There were ponies and
all be very happy - I certainly was
miniature ponies, a puppy, several dogs,
to have spent that time with them
quite a few birds of prey, kittens and a
and to watch them grow - one
giant tortoise. Come and join us next year.
very lucky lady!
The date will be 2.30 p.m. on Sunday
June 27th so why not come and join us
and bring some pets - everyone welcome.
Celebs at Secret World
We have done very well for celebrities at Secret
World as filming has included Tom Heap of 24/7,
John Craven from Country File, Michaela Strachan
and the most exciting had to be Sooty, Sweep and
Sue. We were one of the first to hear that Sooty and
Sue are evidently in love! What gossip to pass on!!!!
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