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Time is Money
Staff from the Bank of Ireland
working hard!
Of course monetary donations Legacies will mean security for our charity.
through fundraising and donations
Each year we manage to bring in the
remain a lifeline to our charity however
funds but there is very little held to
we must not forget to acknowledge
ensure that Secret World will always be
all the volunteers who donate their
here for the animals. Your actions could
time. Whether it’s helping with the
mean there will always be somewhere
collection of an injured animal to
safe and secure for wildlife casualties.
envelope stuffing- your time is greatly
Somewhere that each individual will be
appreciated. Thank you to you all
given the love and care that it deserves.
including staff from The Bank of
If you have remembered us in your
Ireland, the Environment Agency, May
will, we would love to hear from you.
Guerney and Timberland who helped
Mainly because we would like to say
thank you but also it would give us the
this year with all manner of tasks -
opportunity to discuss with you what your
even dirty ones! Thanks so much!
actions could mean to us. We would also
like you to know how we want Secret
World to progress. That with your gift,
you can further improve the security of
Secret World Wildlife Rescue so that it
Yes we are at it again! We will be continues its vital work long into the
holding our annual dip in the sea at future. We want you to be happy in the
Lyme Regis bay on Sunday 27th
knowledge that your gift to us will help
December 2009. We are once
us to save lives and reduce the
again looking for gutsy volunteers
suffering of wildlife. If you would like to
to brave the sea and help raise
discuss any aspect with regards
funds for Secret World. If you don't
to including
fancy getting wet - you can always
Secret World
come and cheer us all on - the
Wildlife Rescue
more the merrier! For a sponsor
in your will,
form please contact Debbie or
please contact
Lynette - you’re quite welcome to
me personally.
Pauline Kidner
dress up too!
Charity Founder
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