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Start of an
artificial sett
Interior design!
New home
to go to
keep you informed.
This Welsh policy will open
doors to persecution throughout
Wales. If anybody hears or sees
With so many orphans, we are
anything suspicious anywhere in
desperately looking for release sites -
Britain, please let me know so especially for our badger cubs.
that I can pass information on to
the correct bodies. Names,
Because of the political situation it is hard to
descriptions of people, addresses,
encourage land owners to offer homes to our
car details or even where you
families of cubs which will all have been tested
may have heard a conversation
free of Bovine tb. In fact our cubs next year will
in a public place - those small bits
also be vaccinated against the disease.
of information maybe just the pieces
If you think you have land that may be
of the jigsaw that the wildlife
suitable or know of any landowners who would
crime units are looking for.
like to offer release sites for garden birds, owls,
I am sickened to think that not
roe fawns, fox cubs or badger cubs - we'd love
to hear from you. We are usually surveying
only do badgers die at the hands
sites ready for next year by now so we really
of these cruel people but that they
do need to find more release sites quickly.
will also be massacred by the
Welsh Assembly in what is purely For more information please ring Pauline
a political move. on 01278 783250
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