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SWWR news
Fantastic Mr Fox
This year has been a busy time for fox cubs.
We had over 50 in all and had to take several
from other wildlife centres who do not have
the grassed enclosures for the final part of
their rehab which is when they need space
to play and put on muscle.
Several of our volunteers have given up
a great deal of time in catching them up and
taking to their release sites late at night to
give them the best chance of assessing their
surroundings. Thanks too must go to the
land owners who very kindly support feed
them for a while after they have been released.
The best fox story has to be the one
Over 50 fox cubs this year!
about a fox who only last week climbed
through a fan on the top of a building and
was moving around on a suspended ceiling.
Unfortunately the roof could not take his
weight and he came crashing down to the
shopping precinct below. As luck would have
it, he fell on to a bag and luggage stall so
had a safe landing on a suit case!
However he still suffered concussion so it
was necessary for him to stay for a few days
and make the most of a nice warm pen with
free food. 5 days later Fantastic Mr Fox was
ready to go home. As it was a build up area,
I took him back on a Sunday evening and let
Fantastic Mr Fox who fell him go in a nearby park. He was certainly
20 feet on to a suitcase
pleased to be home again.
The Old Lady who
Lived in a Shoe!
We didn’t manage to breed quite so
many of the Harvest Mice this year
but we still managed to release nearly
50 babies this year. I just had to
include the photo that Simon took of
a family all in their circular home!
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