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Tower Light launched its new
Hydropowercube and AdTower.
Optimistic outlook
Alan Guthrie assesses new products relevant to hire, displayed at the recent
Showman’s Show in Newbury
Despite this year having been challenging for event organisers, the Festival, and that when fire broke out near to the site, Kelly Bros staff
mood amongst exhibitors was one of optimism at The Showman’s were able to change the messages remotely, helping reduce the
Show, held on 21 and 22 October. Indeed, as EHN observed in the traffic chaos.
introductory article in our Heating & Lighting Market Report in October,
the trend has Another of Kelly Bros’ customers is Watford-based Herts Equipment
been to Rental, which also had a stand at the Show, promoting the Location
downsize and Event Traffic Management services it operates from dedicated
events rather premises at Pinewood Studios, near Slough. “The specialist event
than cancel management operation was established two years ago, to meet
them. demand from television and production crews,” says Operations
Organisers Director, Paul Masters. “Besides supplying equipment like temporary
are also traffic lights, mobile message boards, cones and barriers, we can
aware that produce detailed CAD drawings for a site, and liaise with the
guests’ appropriate authorities. Our staff travel to locations all over the
quality country as required. At the Show, we have made contact with
expectations organisers of some significant events who are interested in the
are equipment, planning and logistical services we provide.”
Herts Equipment Rental exhibited at the Show for the first time.
rising, and the healthy attendance figure of more than 4,500 visitors Included in Herts’ stand display was a pre-production model of the XL
reflected their interest in the latest products and services. Pedestrian, a temporary modular pedestrian crossing solution made
by Pike Signals. The radio controlled, cable-less system has been
New on the Tower Light stand was the compact Hydropowercube developed as an alternative to more cumbersome mains powered
lighting tower. Designed for locations where security could be an products and can be installed quickly. Pike’s External Sales Manager,
issue, it has no wheels and can be placed on site by a forklift or Stephen Heaton, says the product has all the required approvals and
crane. The vertical, hydraulically raised telescopic mast has a is designed so that, once positioned, it is very difficult to move and
maximum 8.5m height and can be rotated through 340°. looks like a permanent crossing. Herts Equipment Rental has been
Four 1000watt metal halide lamps are fitted and the 1500rpm diesel evaluating the XL Pedestrian for several months, and Pike plans to
engine provides 9kVA of auxiliary power. International Sales officially launch the
Manager, Paul Hay, says up to 20 units can be loaded on to a product at the Executive
typical delivery truck. Hire Show.
Also new is the AdTower, derived from Tower Light’s successful VT-1 Woodlands Generators,
lighting set. It is fitted with a pre-printed 2m
semi-permeable fabric an Evesham-based hirer,
and, when fully extended, creates a glowing advertisement or displayed a selection of
corporate message on all sides. 150watt metal halide lamps are items from its fleet,
fitted, illuminating the graphics and providing some ground lighting. including generators from
BGG UK. The company
Solar powered
reports particularly strong
Kelly Bros (Solar Signs) of Bristol, which both sells and hires demand for models that
equipment, showed SolarTech Silent Messenger signs that are have load-sharing
powered by sunlight. Available in three sizes, they produce no fumes capabilities, enabling
and are quiet in operation. Messages can be changed quickly in situ several to be linked
or remotely over the Internet. General Manager Paul Burnham says together to provide
Woodlands Generator’s display included
the signs were used in 2008 on approach roads for the Glastonbury increased power capacity
BGG generators and lighting towers.
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