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REPORT continued
the millennium entrepreneurs?” and we have subsequently found This truly
them. In the last ten years, we have travelled the length and breadth showed our
of the country to write about fascinating companies, and the people industry
behind them, such as: Alpine Tool Hire, Altis Tool Hire, Artisan Hire, working
Astley Hire, CP Hire, Doyle’s Hire & Sales, Fraser Tool Hire, Harrison together -
EHN forecast the rise in popularity of zero tail swing minis.
Hire, Herts Equipment Rental, Mayday Plant & Tool Hire, Phoenix a theme that would have resonance later. EHN continued to report on
Tool Hire, new products with low HAV levels, from power tools to compaction
Plantool, plates, vibration meters and monitors, and equipment that eliminated
Penrith Tool HAV altogether, like remote trench rollers and breakers mounted on
Hire, Plymouth mini excavators. Hirers had become genuine solutions providers.
Tool Hire,
Skipton Hire
Innovative equipment
Centres, Smiths Of course, such products represent just a fraction of the innovative
Equipment Hire, equipment EHN has covered. Ten years ago, in the section of our
Traction Compact Plant Market Report on mini excavators, we predicted that
Equipment ‘the new millennium will belong to zero tail swing machines’,
(Stafford), and these have indeed gained acceptance. Much of the demand has
Webster Power been driven by on-site Health & Safety considerations, and this
Alpine Tool Hire is just one of the countless passionate local Products, YHC applies to many other products, such as Amida metal halide lighting
hirers we have profiled.
Hire Services, towers, Groundhog towable welfare units, the remote controlled
along with many, many others too numerous to mention, compiling Ransomes Spider mower, Takeuchi’s prototype Lithium-ion battery
a complete A-Z of hire. powered mini excavator, cordless tools introduced by so many
manufacturers, Pike Signals’ XL Eclipse solar powered traffic lights,
In many cases, hirers have adapted to fulfil new roles. Today, they do podium steps
not just supply equipment: they offer detailed advice, Health & Safety and other
guidance, training, consumables and dedicated in-field backup. low-level access
They are essential links in the supply chain between manufacturer solutions, and a
and supplier. host of
Dedicated HAV Supplement
designed to
There is no better example of this than the issue of HAV. As far as offer
back as our Mar/Apr 2002 edition, we reported how Hilti, Speedy and environmental
Kier were working to adopt ‘a sensible and simple’ approach to a benefits in
subject that baffled many - if they had heard of it at all. With our May terms of
2005 issue, we produced our dedicated HAV Supplement, to coincide emissions,
with the introduction of new legislation. It brought together views of noise and fuel
Hirers responded heroically to help areas affected by the
hirers, suppliers, contractors and, even, the Health & Safety consumption. summer 2007 floods.
Executive, to promote better understanding and highlight the
essential role hirers now played in disseminating information. Indeed, EHN has constantly sought to identify the new trends that will
create additional hire opportunities. As far back as October 2001,
This was followed by our two dedicated Conferences on HAV, the first we raised the issue of climate change, and the consequent likelihood
in October 2005 at EHN’s offices in rural Wiltshire, and the of increased flooding and demand for dehumidifiers and dryers. And in
second 12 months later at the Ricoh Arena. Both were August 2007 we reported on the heroic efforts made by hirers in
driven by our industry’s thirst for knowledge, the supplying equipment to tackle the disastrous floods that affected north
first focusing on the theory behind HAV and east England and the Midlands. In July the following year, we
its measurement, and the second suggested how hirers could liaise in advance with the emergency
discussing the practical services to prepare response plans. We have also explored issues
solutions that such as manual handling, dust, on-site recycling and waste reduction,
suppliers, hirers and the increasing demand for reliable power supplies. These are all
and users had opportunities that will remain significant hire markets, and it will be
Working closely with hirers and end users, manufacturers
have developed tools with very low HAV levels.
fascinating to see how they develop, and how hirers respond.
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