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The GSB 19-2 REA Professional impact drill
has an integrated dust extraction unit.
Bosch tools up
At the opening of its new UK training centre,
Bosch showed the results of its continuing
investment in the development of new products with added features and benefits.
With a claimed 28% share of the European power tools market, holes. The drill has two impellors, one for cooling the motor and the
Bosch benefits from its leading position and strong brand name. other for creating the high suction used to safely draw off the dust.
However, with the overall UK sales of professional power tools down
25% this year due to the economic climate, the manufacturer is not It weighs 3.2kg, 0.6kg more than the standard version. The addition
resting on its laurels. It continues to invest approximately 8% of its of integrated dust extraction results in a 33% price premium,
turnover in new product development, and has opened a much bigger but Bosch considers that the safety benefits provided greatly
training centre at its UK base in Denham. outweigh the extra cost. It is expected that the system will become
available for cordless tools at some stage in the future.
Speaking at the official opening of the new centre, Bosch’s Worldwide
Head of Training Services, Juergen Mamber, emphasised the The latest cordless tools include the 14.4V GSR 14.4-2LI and 18V
importance placed on this aspect of the business. Bosch has carried out GSR 18.2-LI Professional drill/drivers, which weigh only 1.3kg and
product training at Denham for 25 years and the new, 35% larger facility 1.4kg respectively. They have Lithium-ion batteries that are claimed to
includes three well-equipped workshops for woodworking, measuring, allow longer tool use between charges, due to an Electronic Cell
and cutting metal, stone and concrete. Whilst the centre’s primary Protection (ECP) system. As an option, both tools are available in
purpose is to impart product knowledge to the company’s own sales sturdy L-Boxx packaging, comprising a robust, stackable carrying case
force, it is also used by customers. As Training Manager Eric Streuli compatible with the system used by the van racking specialist,
says, “We offer bespoke product Sortimo. This clip-together, safe storage system is
and health and safety courses used by several tool hire companies.
for hire industry personnel.”
Other new tool launches include the
The practical training workshops powerful 1100watt GSB 21-2RE
were used during the official opening to Professional and 1300watt GSB 21-2RCT
demonstrate the features and benefits Professional impact drills. The latter has the
of the latest Bosch products. At the extra features of Constant Electronic and
event, Steve Hillier, Brand Manager Torque Control. An addition to Bosch’s
for Professional Tools, stated that woodworking tools portfolio is the powerful
the company has maintained a high GKS 190 Professional circular saw
level of new product introductions complete with a Turbo dust-blower.
and updates this year,
Bosch can supply tools like the GSR 18.2-LI Professional
and that many more new
Extensive range of accessories
drill/driver in sturdy L-Boxx packaging.
developments are due next year. Bosch continues to expand its already
extensive range of accessories, with newcomers including additional
He added that the latest developments address legal and Health Extra Clean for Wood jigsaw blades, and Endurance for Heavy Metal
& Safety requirements, such as minimising operator exposure to dust sabre saw blades. The company aims to provide a ‘one stop shop’ for
and vibration, as well as significant market trends. He also its accessories - over 75% of which are now made in-house.
highlighted the increasing prominence of Lithium-ion batteries and
the continuing swing towards the use of cordless tools. Another area of expansion is in measuring, detecting and levelling
equipment. Next year will see the introduction of a dedicated
One new product of particular note is the GSB 19-2 REA Professional, measuring tool catalogue that will include the latest laser range
claimed by the manufacturer to be the world’s first professional impact finders, wall scanners and multi-purpose detectors. Indeed,
drill with an integrated dust extraction unit. This 900watt corded tool Bosch says it aims to become market leader in measuring tools.

incorporates an easily emptied container, whose capacity can
accommodate the dust produced from drilling up to 130 6x30mm
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