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I’m going to the
w because
This month, more independent hirers
tell us why visiting the Executive Hire Show is so important.
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Ian Truby, Proprietor,
Thomas Smith, Director,
Martin, MD, Truby Tool Hire, Co Durham Smiths Equipment Hire, Blackpool
Martin Plant

I’ll definitely be going to the Show. I want to
see the latest gardening and grounds care
machinery, a niche that has proved very successful

The market is a lot more positive now than it
was earlier in the year. House prices have been
rising, and people who were renting properties are

Attending the
for us. Like other hirers, we scaled down our now buying. More building sites are re-opening -
Show is of great
investment in new equipment this year, but we now so forget all the doom and gloom on the television.
value. You can
need to see what we should add to the fleet. There comes a time when you have to bite the bullet
speak to many of
We have recently noticed increased demand for and move forward, otherwise you are going
the major
equipment from contractors working for utilities, backwards.
manufacturers in
and I’ll be looking out for new road saws, cut-off We bought a lot of
one place and get up to speed with the latest
saws, CAT detectors and surveying tools. new kit as a result of
product developments. You also bump into
Visiting an exhibition, you can see everything our visit to last year’s
other hirers and hear snippets of information
that’s new under one roof, and I like being able to Show, including
about what’s going on in our industry.
examine equipment closely, which you cannot do Husqvarna’s
The market remains tough, but I am more
from a brochure a Cut-n-Break wall
positive than I was a few months ago. I am
local sales rep cutter, and the HAVi
hearing of more construction projects in the
might give you.
pipeline, and it is a case of waiting until they are
ready to proceed. It is therefore vital to be
prepared with an up to date fleet, and by visiting
I am going to

vibration meter from
Real Edge. I was
also impressed by the Power Tower Nano on the
the Show you find out what equipment to buy.
the Show
Red Band UK stand, and I will be checking to see
I am going to the Show to keep

because I
what’s new for 2010. I am always looking for
can see new
something that our customers will appreciate, and
products and
which will set us apart from the competition.
informed about the latest products
and industry trends, ready for
them I am going to the Show to discover

the upturn.
closely. new ideas and opportunities. a20
a20 a20
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