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Money too
tight to mention?
Prism is certainly not afraid to tackle the issue of finance and can even
suggest some practical ways to make savings and increase profitability
without shedding staff
conomic gurus paid by the longest period of recession since records percent margins, which isn’t unusual in our
government predicted that we would began, this is a time when 80 per cent of industry, a one pound saving in cost goes
see the end of the recession in the companies are fighting for survival. A good straight to your profit, which is in turn
third quarter of this year, but unfortunately month is when there is no loss and an OK equivalent to £20 in turnover.
this didn't occur. In fact, the gross domestic month is when there are sufficient reserves Members are recognising the
product continued to decline and one has to to cover the shortfall. Often it seems, banks tremendous resource they have in the
question where these analysts get their are unwilling to cover the bad months and Prism technical help line, where real experts
figures – certainly not from industry, it companies have to rely on suppliers to can provide the key that unlocks a technical
would seem. extend additional credit and or reduce problem or a sourcing issue. This service
Regretfully, the business bank managers overheads to survive. works on the principle that if we don’t have
of today appear to have no say or opinion What can Prism do? The first point is to the answer, we know somebody who does
when it comes to business finance. If the realise you are not alone. The fact that and it is rare that we are stumped.
proposal doesn’t provide complete security other people in the industry are suffering What is clear is that being a 'me too'
for their money, it will be rejected. No risk just as you are, means you needn't beat company whose output is nothing more
for the bank and no emergency support for yourself up quite so much. than a commodity is a sure recipe for
business. Prism can help you look at areas where failure. Whenever price is the governing
Why as an association is Prism saying you can make savings to increase factor in a purchasing decision then all you
such things? Because that is what is profitability. That doesn’t mean shedding have to offer are reducing margins that will
happening to members. This isn’t just the staff, but instead addressing the prosaic inevitably result in failure.
but essential elements of waste reduction, Specialist services, niche markets, doing
such as savings on electricity, gas and the unusual and being different are qualities
telephones and lower insurance costs. that will set you apart from competitors. An
For those companies working on five emerging phenomena now in evidence is
where companies work together on projects
using each others strengths and locking out
the corrosive influence of intermediaries
who can demand up to 25 per cent for their
services. Be your own print management
company and source services from fellow
members. Prism is more than willing to
make the introductions, since its interest is
seeing prosperity coming back into the wide
format industry in the UK.
Times are difficult and the recovery will
be slow but by managing the detail and
working together the future is bright.
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