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Paul Clapham looks at the enduring, innovating Australian brand…
rett Elliot, Managing Director of SGB: What plans do you have for
Kookaburra Reader in the UK, spoke brand/sales advances?
with SGB’s Paul Clapham about the BE: The 2010 range marks the next
brand, its position and its future… generation in Kookaburra Cricket
equipment and clothing. Our new
SGB: How do you position the brand, what collection is both innovative and diverse,
are its key selling points from a retailer’s offering exciting products at all price
perspective? points.
Brett Elliot: Kookaburra has always been We have produced new products in
perceived as an innovative dynamic brand. We all categories, which are bound to
pride ourselves on providing well presented, stimulate demand and enhance sales.
technically advanced and functional products to All categories are very strong and have
meet the demands of the sport as it evolves. We received an enthusiastic response from
have an in-house design department which is the Retailers at the recent ‘Super 6’ Stock
envy of the industry as it consistently provides Rooms. Customers should make sure
cutting edge graphics to lead the market at every that they see the new collection before
turn. they place their orders as they will be
This pedigree ensures that consumers are disappointed to miss out.
constantly demanding new Kookaburra products
so that they can be the first to use the ‘coolest’ SGB: You have a lot of big names on
products in the game. your sponsor list; how important is that
Kookaburra is very much an aspirational brand to the retailer? Do they perceive the
– a buzz brand – which seeks to not only service value?
high value in the market but also provide all BE: The sponsorship portfolio is vast
players with the opportunity to use technically with many leading players endorsing
advanced and stylish products. The fact that we Kookaburra equipment. These players
have many of the world’s top players using are an important tool in spreading the
Kookaburra is testament to the feel that the Kookaburra word; however they would
Brand produces – ‘it’s definitely cool to be a not wish to be associated with the Brand unless it look of their sites as well as numerous posters,
Kookaburra’ offered the performance characteristics that they screen savers etc that can be downloaded from
require to keep them at top form. the Kookaburra site.
It is also clear that the quality of the product In store we offer a variety of support
which hits the retailer’s shelves must match mechanisms, which can enhance the look of a
the high profile of the marketing. Kookaburra section in store.
Recreational Players will not keep In terms of product, it is
coming back to buy unless the vitally important that
products that they get are top USP’s are communicated
notch. In recent years Kookaburra to the public – this has
has grown exponentially which been achieved through
reinforces the quality and value that the the introduction of
brand brings to market. Product Feature
pictograms which
SGB: What about your other marketing activity when applied to
and support for retailers? products draw
BE: Kookaburra ensures that all customers attention to the
can present the product for sale in an many unique
attractive and marketable fashion – performance features
the quality and design of the that Kookaburra products
product is excellent, whilst the include.
packaging is eye catching and SGB: What do the best
functional. retailers do in terms of selling
We offer all retail partners a variety of cricket that others should
website support tools which can enhance the adopt?
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