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Paul Clapham looks at some
of what you’ll be stocking for
the 2010 season…
summer with two test series and a Twenty 20 world cup type, from the elegant stroke maker to the hard-hitting run scorer.
ensures a high profile for cricket, but when it includes an The next chapter of the V will now unfold on the international stage, lead
Ashes win, cricket finds its way to the front pages. The by the current generation of Slazenger’s cricketing stars Paul Collingwood,
industry as a whole is expecting the resulting publicity to attract Matt Prior and Jacques Kallis.
new young players. Manufacturers in general are also reporting Slazenger V1 has been developed for players who demand an ultra
sales of cricket products showing resilience to the recession so lightweight bat for destructive precision.
expectations are uniformly positive for 2010. Congratulations, as The concave back spine delivers incredible ‘pick up’ and sensational
manoeuvrability for all round stroke play.

well, go to the ECB whose development programme is bringing the
game to ever more youngsters. Cricket is no longer a niche sport.
To take advantage of this, manufacturers recognise that choice is Slazenger V2 - New for 2010
important for retailers. (Interesting: in plenty of business sectors suppliers The V2 offers an optimum balance of power and control for
would like to dominate outlets). But cricketers actually know the products uncompromising all round performance.
and want to compare them. They also recognise that a broad range shows

The lowered middle combined with balanced ‘pick up’ delivers excellent
commitment to their sport. playability for batsmen who love to play attacking shots.
Endorsements are a contentious subject. The major brands have an
impressive list of sponsored players are of course enthusiasts. Others regard Slazenger V3 - New for 2010
presentation and selling at retail as more important. The industry provides The V3 boasts a unique profile for the batsmen who demands supreme
POS support and is committed to retail support but I could think of a dozen power to dismantle the opposition.
ways to improve what I’ve seen this summer.
The arrival of new ranges after Christmas will generate further sales,
based on the series in South Africa. Women’s cricket is growing apace on
the back of the success of the England team. Nobody should be surprised;V
it’s a team sport designed to appeal to female canniness and dislike of
bruises. Don’t just watch that space – move into it.
The Slazenger V bats have been at the heart of a golden era of cricket for
the past 40 years. A generation of cricketing superstars including Viv
Richards, Geoffrey Boycott and Don Bradman have thrilled crowds and
graced the game using the iconic bats.
2010 sees the launch of the new Slazenger V SERIES. The V1, V2 and V3
bats are introduced, offering the ultimate batting profile for every player
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