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Don’t get sloppy
lippers headed the national headlines involved in providing a solution, helping their
recently when the charity Age Concern elderly customers stay safe within their homes.
launched a Slipper Amnesty Campaign. For further information on House Shoes or any
Elderly people were urged to swap their other DB product, please contact DB Shoes on:
potentially worn out and dangerous slippers 01933 359217,
for a safer new pair. The Royal Society for Of course, you don’t have to be old to wear
Moshulu slippers this season are more
the Prevention of Accidents slippers. At the end of a long day, it's a lovely
colourful, comfortable and imaginative than
ever. The Moshulu brand is taking slippers to
(RoSPA) has in the past feeling to slip into something that feels
a new younger customer – bringing colour
warned of that sloppy slip- warm, cosy and comfortable. In-
into your window – driving customers
pers are a contributory creasingly however, consumer through your door and generating profitable
factor in many home falls, demand dictates that the
sales through your till. The collection is all
particularly among the slipper should be more
stock backed with guaranteed overnight de-
livery – promising to increase turnover with
elderly. than just a cosy slip-on.
minimal stock investment. Prices start at
Research has shown that a The modern day house
£17.99 retail (£8.45 Wholesale), with the
third of all people over 65 will trip or shoe needs to look highest price being £29.99 retail (£14.05
fall each year, with even higher rates for those good, feel comfortable and
above the age of 75. These accidents are often cushioned, have a non-slip sole that can be
caused by worn slippers and, unfortunately, it is worn outdoors, be washable and above all be
the most likely accident that people of this age value for money.
group will have. The Padders' ladies and men's slippers
Accidents can happen so easily, but many perform highly on all counts and with their
falls can be avoided by wearing correctly fitted, innovative memory foam insoles, that shape
Following the debut of Homeys last year, we
supportive footwear. Around the home people to the contours of your feet to help reduce now have the world's first, "cool" house
do not wish to wear shoes that are generally painful pressure points - they deliver a slipper
shoe. With distribution now set up globally,
supportive, but prefer the convenience of that everyone wants to wear.
the brand has taken off in a big way.
From launch in March 2008, the brand
slippers which have little or no support. The uppers are soft and warm – made from
has sold across the world with recent orders
With these potential dangers in mind DB Microsuede for ladies and Microsuede,
placed by Office Shoes and Top Man. They
Shoes, in close consultation with medical Woolmix, Corduroy or leather for men. The seem to create a real bond with their fans,
practitioners, has developed a special 'house rubber sole unit is very sturdy and durable and
often writing in to thank the brand for such
shoe' designed to help reduce falls in the home. vanilla fragranced to help eliminate any
a great product, loyalty rarely seen in
today’s fast fashion environment. Recent
Combining the comfort of the traditional potential odours. The heel counters are quite
fans include Ant & Dec and Chris Moyles
slipper with the increased support and stability stiff which supports the ankle and assists
(who wears them religiously!!).
of a shoe, it is ideal for both indoor and balance; many have adjustment and touch and With their unique design and style-driven
outdoor use. close straps, which aids stability.
look, Homeys are not merely a foot warming
The wide flat sole provides a stable base for Available in a wide variety of styles – tradi-
device, but a statement of interior cool. A
product that will sit well under a pair of G
walking. The uppers have a stiffener built into tional and contemporary, in numerous
Stars and be functional enough to survive a
the back panel that supports and cradles the colourways. Ladies range prices from £18.95
run out to the bins. They have a distinctive
heel safely and comfortably. The touch RRP (£7.75 trade) to £24.95 RRP (£10.50 teacup logo that represents the whole ideal
fastening straps allow for easy access, yet can be trade). Men’s from £18.95RR (£7.95 trade)
of the brand; laziness is no bad thing.
adjusted simply and quickly to ensure a perfect to £29.95 RRP (£12.95 trade).
There will be 15 styles for winter 09. Crazy
Legs, as it suggests, is a psychedelic, purple-
fit. Available in variable (EE-4E fitting) and 6E

To find out more about Padders’ slipper
based, marble effect fabric, while Turbo is a
fittings, the 'easy b' House Shoe (RPP £25 to range, including their slippers for Diabetic
bold red and white dogtooth check. With a
£30) also incorporates a shoe insole to reduce sufferers – style Enfold - £19.99 RRP (£8.50 brand new dedicated ladies collection avail-
torsional flexibility. trade), please call Mike Rowe Sales Director,
able from this October, Homeys looks set to
This is an ongoing problem, creating a new Padders, 01536 534976
be on the toes of the style conscious for the
foreseeable future.
market in which retailers can become
Visit, or contact


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